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Do you have a better Conspiracy Theory?

There are so many conspiracy theories these days. Still, can't someone get a better conspiracy theory, or something new? I mean we have the basic ones such as Roswell UFO, Who Shot JFK, the Illuminati, The Bible Code, 2012 Doomsday, 911 conspiracy theories, etc, etc. But, why can't someone get something new? You see, personally I'm not too into conspiracies theories, but it does challenge your mind, and make me think. In many regards I consider it like reading a detective or spy novel.

The last great conspiracy theory I heard was that North Korea had a little attack submarine which was launched from a cargo ship on its way to Venezuela, went into the Gulf, and shot a torpedo at the BP Oilrig Verizon, and aboard was a North Korean suicide crew. Now that is a great conspiracy, and it was launched by some folks in Russia, claiming to be in the intelligence community. Perhaps they want us to start a war with North Korea?
Nevertheless, in the last couple years that was the only really interesting conspiracy theory I've heard. Back in 2008 during the election of course we heard all the great conspiracy theories about Junior Sen. Barack Hussein Obama, which said he wasn't born in the United States of America, that he was the Manchurian Candidate, that indeed was kind of fun conspiracy, but seriously, in the last couple of years there hasn't been any good ones.
I have a theory on this, and you can call us "conspiracy theory" if you want, but I believe the Internet has got everyone so dummied down that they can't think anymore, and thus, they are losing their ability to innovate and be creative. Perhaps, this is because everyone is mind-numb, where there is so much stress due to economic pressures, they can't think anymore. In fact, many science-fiction th

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