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Private Club Membership: Freemason and others

Up until now memberships into organizations like Yale University's Skull and Bones, The Freemasons, The Brotherhood, The Trilateral Commission, Illuminati, The Power Elite, The Bilderberg, were only available to the privileged elite class. You wouldn't be able to just walk off the street and join one of these types of clubs no matter how much money you have because you would HAVE to be INVITED by someone who is an active member.

Imagine having access to multimillion dollar castles, beach houses, resorts, yachts, Information you can't get anywhere else, ground-floor business opportunities that are not available to the people OUTSIDE the organization. Imagine having access to PEOPLE, billionaires, members who are also members of the same secret societies that I mentioned. Imagine making more money than you could ever dream possible just because you are a member. These are some of the most sought after benefits to joining a private organization or club. Also, people want to be able to meet and associate with other wealthy, affluent, like-minded individuals. THEY WANT THE CONNECTIONS. This can be achieved quite easily when you become a member of such a private club. However, joining such an organization could cost thousands if not millions of dollars in just initiation fees alone, plus thousands of dollars in monthly dues not to mention the hundreds of dollars spent on DAILY fees.

What if I told you that you could join such a Private organization with ALL the same benefits with a dramatically lower, less expensive Initiation fee, and not only would you reap the same benefits as some of the best private clubs, but you would also have access to INFORMATION that you can't get anywhere else, and you would be able to receive cash bonuses as well as a handsome residual income. You would be taught HOW to get things at dramatically reduced prices. The wealthy never pay retail, and you will be shown how they are doing it. You will learn HOW to get things for free. Electronics, food...FOR FREE! You will be able to go to live functions all around the world, on cruises like the one I will be going on in January. Once your a member you will learn HOW to make MONEY. "Secrets," that are only given to members. We believe in Sovereignty, Wealth, and financial freedom, we do not believe in get rich quick schemes, or overnight success. We are members sharing with other members information and opportunities that will improve and maintain our abundant quality of life.

Some of the wealthiest most affluent people in the world are already members, celebrities, billionaires, we have two 33 degree Freemasons, a KING from an Asian country, a current active member of the Illuminati, and many others who will remain anonymous. This is by far one of the best exclusive, private organizations ever founded and it continues to put out increasingly great benefits for its members.

One of the most common traits that wealthy individuals have is that they are members of some type of organization. They have connections to people who HAVE what they want, and can help them GET what they want. If you go to a Country club, the initiation fee alone could be anywhere from $150,000 to $250,000 OR MORE, that is if you qualify. Next to that you have monthly dues that could be anywhere from $1,000 to $6,000 a month, $6,000 a month! and you don't even get to use the golf course! oh no no no... that cost extra. Not only is there a FEE every time you visit the club, you have to PAY to play golf on their courses. Obviously the people who have this type of money to spend, are not stupid people. Their intention is not to play golf, their INTENTION is to meet and associate with other people who have that type of money and POWER.
The associations with people who have the same dreams and desires is what gives you that "Mastermind," that collective consciousness broadcasting the same frequency, giving each and every one of you what you want at record speed. The point is, you need to do something that will help you to improve your quality of life so that you will be able to secure yourself and HELP others.

Rough times are ahead of us all, and you NEED to do something, if this is not it, then do SOMETHING! You need to secure your future, your family, you need to get out of debt and do something. You can have, be, or do anything you want. Dreams and commitments come first and then there is the work.

New World Order: Global Information Network

The Global Information Network is a brand new business established by Kevin Trudeau and other wealthy and influential people. Some of the people creating the Global Information Network (GIN) are members of the Freemason Society, The Bilderbergs, Yale University's Skull And Bones Secret Society, The Trilateral Commission, The Council On Foreign Relations and More!
Never before in history has an opportunity like this been available to the general public. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to join a secret society and become wealthy and renowned? How would your life change? What would you do? With powerful connections and "inside" information, how could you transform your life and your family's life?
This earth shaking opportunity was created to help close the gap between the ultra successful elite class and the "average Joe". With more and more people rising to wealth, prosperity and freedom, it is GIN's hopes that the standard of living in the world will rise. GIN's goal is to provide a safe place for it's members to build mutually beneficial long-term relationships that help them better achieve personal success, desires and dreams.
Members include highly accomplished leaders from a large variety of industrial, financial, social and political sectors. Many members have major professional accomplishments, academic accolades and worldwide reputations and achievements.
Some of the people you can meet in person within the Global Information Network are powerful and influential people from the following organizations:
o The Brotherhood
o The Bilderbergs
o The Council on Foreign Relations
o The Freemasons
o Yale University's Skull and Bones Secret Society
o The Illuminati
o The Trilateral Commission
o Bohemian Club
o And several other Elite International Societies
By being connected with these people and having access to their proprietary information, the founders of GIN want to level the playing field so that average men and women can raise their productivity level, join in mutually beneficial investment opportunities and simply make the world a better place.
By making this secret data available to the world, The Global Information Network can empower the man in the street to have, be or do everything and anything they desire. And as this happens, happiness will increase, fear dwindles, and people start to be more prosperous than ever! Not to mention poverty, slavery, and despair will begin to disappear from the planet and violence and wars will cease to exist.
The goal of the Global Information Network is to be the hub that will spread the previously secret, proprietary and hidden knowledge kept by the ruling classes. People have been suppressed, uniformed, full of fear, impoverished and enslaved in order for the corrupt portion of the elite class to gain their power prestige and control over others.
The honest and benevolent members of the elite class organizations and societies want to rid the world of tyranny, suppression, and central control. Hence the Global Information Network was born. The Global Information Network is now accepting applications on an invitation only basis.

Secret Societies and Occultists

Who is or are occultists? This is a person or a group of people brought together by a strong will of control in a certain belief of power whether tradition, religious or scientific. Occultists have existed since ancient times with various missions or objectives. Incidentally, when you hear of the word occultists, what will run into your mind would rather be the term secret societies. This is because just like occultists, secret societies are made up of people within one inner circle and the activities they undertake are indefinitely concealed from the public. What differentiates secrete societies that may be connected with the term occultists is in the fact that there are ceremonies that have to be undertaken before one becomes a member. This ceremonies or tests could be undertaken dependence on an individual's survival interest in the group. For example, in secret societies one of the tests to a person whose duty is probably to kill or execute certain groups of people would be to make a random killing of any person he may think of. Besides these tests, there is also oath taking which is another significance of an occult secret society.
Madam Blavatsky was a famous traveler and writer who is said to have contributed heavily in several western subcultures. Back in the year 1873, she collaborated Henry Steel to bring about the Theosophical society which was established in the city of New York despite Madam Blavatsky going to the extents of establishing this secret organization in the United States, it is said that the headquarters were set in India around 1882. Madam Blavatsky is one of the many occultists that had various motives for starting these secret organizations. Did you know that Madam Blavatsky was so influential in this society that after her death her ashes had to be divided amongst the three divisions of the occult? These were the New York City, Adjar in India and London! Her death is usually celebrated by this group as the day of the white lotus.
Another influential occult leader was Aleister Crowley who also went by the name the great beast. Aleister Crowley started out as a ceremonial magician before going ahead to founding Thelema a religious occult group. He took the initiative of making himself a prophet who would later inform people on the coming of natural calamities and other disasters that were a threat to mankind back in the early 20th century. Adam Weishaupt the Jesuit who founded the Illuminati movement has been recorded as one of the most influential occult leaders and founders of all time. Although Aleister Crowley achievements subside with Adam's, it can be realized they all had different objectives towards their enlightenment's. What follows is a list of the top ten secret societies or occults of all time which were started by occultists who had secret agendas.
  • The order of skull and bone where one of the members was George Bush senior that was also known as the brotherhood of death founded back in the year 1947.
  • The freemasons who were religious protectors and are well known for using signs, handshakes and corded messages while communicating.
  • Rosicrucian order which was primarily a group of German believers during the publishing of three famous documents.
  • Aleister Crowley greatly influenced the former Masonic group order of the temple of the east to exercise the Thelema law of love.
  • The hermetic order which can also be referenced as the golden dawn created by William Goodman also broke from the Masonic group. It is also said that the group may or may not have been influenced by the temple of the east laws.
  • We can never forget about the order of the Knights Templar, this is a group or club that borrows the ideals from the medieval Knights Templar, this group was formed back in the 12th century. The differentiating factor is that you cannot become a member of you are not a Christian mason.
  • The Illuminati, the group that should never be forgotten when talking about occultism. This is because even up to date they have been tied with managing certain governments.
  • Other groups that have been inducted into the hall of fame of hoax are the opus dei, priory of scion and the bilderberg meeting.

Chile Mine Disaster Was No Accident

Thirty-three Chilean miners were pinned nearly a half-mile underground by 700,000 tons of rock. On the day of the disaster, rescued miner, Mario Gomez, recalled feeling "strong explosions" in the shafts surrounding him and started panicking. Was it a "controlled explosion"- like the 9/11 controlled demolitions?

As the melodramatic rescue operation unfolded, most TV viewers failed to understand the Masonic symbolism and statements that aired around the globe on all of the major networks.
The company responsible for the mining disaster in Chile is CODELCO, the largest copper producing company in the world. CODELCO's corporate logo is the Egyptian "all seeing eye" which also appears on the American one dollar bill. The name Codelco is CODE "EL" CO. EL is short for ELOHIM, the God of Israel. IS (Isis) RA (sun god) EL (Elohim).

The BBC's James Read remarked that the number 33 has taken on a special significance for the miners who are known to be superstitious. Roman Catholic Chileans believe Jesus Christ was 33 when he died. There are 33 miners. It took 33 days for the drill to complete the rescue shaft. The date of the Chilean miners rescue was 13/10/10 which adds up to - you guessed it - 33.
In his triumphant speech after the first miner emerged from the shaft, Chile's President Sebastian Pinera mentioned the "magic number 33". The "Magic Number" in Freemasonry is number "33" when initiates reach their full enlightenment.
What do we know about Chile's President, Sebastian Pinera? More than 20 Presidents of the Chilean Republic have belonged to Masonry. The majority of Masonic lodges in Chile are Scottish Rite Freemasonry lodges. Pinera has been photographed at Masonic Headquarters seated with the Grand Master of the Masonic Grand lodge of Chile and other high ranking Masons.
Pinera is a right wing billionaire, a Harvard grad and is listed in Forbes magazine as one of the world's wealthiest men. Up until August of this year, he was 100% owner of Chilevision television station.

Pinera turned the miner rescue drama into a media carnival with television cameras covering the drama from every imaginable angle including the placement of cameras inside the rescue chamber itself. He arranged for smiling, bear hugging photo ops with all 33 miners as they emerged from the rescue capsule as well as group photo ops later.
Pinera's brother, Jose Pinera, was Chile's minister of MINING under the ruthless military dictator, Augusto PINOCHET. Pinochet was the most Hitlerian, violent strongmen in the history of Latin America committing unspeakable human rights atrocities including the murders of 3,197 Chilean citizens. Thousands "disappeared"- abused to death and buried in still-secret graves, or thrown from military helicopters into the Pacific Ocean. An estimated 30,000 Chileans survived imprisonment and severe torture by agents of Pinochet's secret police-electric shock, beatings, near-drowning, and rape in secret detention facilities. Human rights atrocities in Chile and acts of terrorism abroad led to his arrest for crimes against humanity in London in 1998.
Where is brother Jose Pinera, Pinochet's "Minister of Mining" now? He's living in Washington as a Senior member of American and European think tanks.

The Miners rescue pod or capsule was given the name "Fenix" - also spelled "Phoenix".
The Phoenix bird is a symbol of Lucifer. Barbara Walker, in her occult book, "Now Is The Dawning", writes "Egyptians believed that the Phoenix was the representative of a god who rose to heaven in the form of a morning star, like Lucifer, after his fire-immolation of death and rebirth..."
Within the realm of the occult, the Phoenix is the legendary bird of the Egyptian Satanic Mystery Religions.
Manly P. Hall, 33rd degree Mason, states that the Phoenix resembles an eagle and at its death, its body opens and the new born Phoenix emerges - resurrected.

The Masters of the Illuminati seized upon the Phoenix Bird as one of their symbols of the coming New World Order of the Antichrist. The Phoenix bird symbolizes "immortality and resurrection" and the coming Antichrist. The Chile mining disaster and the "Fenix rescue of 33" was an orchestrated "occult ritual". It was a scheduled event to celebrate and announce to the international Masonic brotherhood - the rise of Lucifer.

The Chilean flag dispays a single five-pointed star or "pentagram". The pentagram was stamped on the rescue capsule. A giant pentagram was also draped in front of the underground camera. When the miners stepped out of the risen capsule, they were wearing a large pentagram on their chest.
Mario Gomez, the 9th miner to be rescued wore an upside down pentagram. What is the significance of an upside-down pentagram? It represents Satan and the world-of-matter ruling over God.
Gomez, an ex-merchant marine, was chosen as the "spiritual leader" of the miners who nicknamed him "The Navigator". When Gomez emerged from the rescue capsule, he dropped to the ground in prayer.

13 is the number of death and resurrection and is also known as the "Phoenix rising".
The 33rd and last miner was lifted out of the mine on October 13. The rescue capsule was 13-feet tall.
The number 13 is sacred to the practicing occultist because it represents the highest level of man's opposition to God's authority. Replacing the Old World Order with the Luciferian New World Order is the ultimate victory.

Crying, hugging, jumping, shouting, fist pumping, celebrating. There was a carnival-like atmosphere to the melodramatic theatrics as the 33 miners rose up like the Phoenix bird and stepped in front of the worldwide media donning giant pentagrams across their chests. Most of the well groomed men were energized, clean shaven, cleanly uniformed and wearing $180 Oakley designer sunglasses. They looked like they'd just returned from an exotic vacation.
After the Presidential photo ops, the celebrity miners were whisked away to a mobile hospital nearby, then moved to a "MILITARY INSTALLATION" for a check up. When, in the history of mining accidents, have miners been taken to a military installation? Were they debriefed? Given a gag order?
Forty year old Mario Sepulveda, an electrical specialist, spent his underground time producing videos that the miners sent up to the surface. In one of his August videos, he acted as the narrator, escorting viewers on a tour of the 600 square feet subterranean quarters, and the adjoining mile-long tunnel. Asked about his experience being trapped underground, Sepulveda said that he spent his time between God and "the devil".
Dubbed "Super Mario" and "The Joker", Sepulveda has become a media darling and rescue poster boy. He brought souvenir rocks (probably 13) to the surface containing gold and handed them out to awaiting officials and to billionaire Chilean President Sebastian Pinera. This Presidential billionaire needs gold like an eskimo needs snowballs.
Miner Luis Urzua, age 54, is a topographer. Officials claim Urzua was picked as a leader by his peers, who nicknamed him "Don Lucho". In the first moments after the mine collapsed, Urzua ordered the men to huddle and took three miners to scout up the tunnel. He used his topography training to make detailed maps of their environs.
Mario Gomez, age 63, was the 9th miner to be rescued. He was named the spiritual leader of the group and emerged wearing a shirt with an upside down pentagram.

The Chile mining disaster and the "Fenix 33" was a scheduled occult ritual designed to send a symbolic signal to the international brotherhood of Freemasonry and to Masonic-controlled governments worldwide. The message? The Old World Order has been replaced by the Luciferic New World Order and Lucifer, the Masonic Messiah, is risen.
Expect an announcement soon from Queen Elizabeth II to abdicate and turn succession to the British throne over to her grandson, Prince William.

Hi. I'm Grace Powers, the creator of the Help Free The Earth website and the producer of the Ring Of Power documentary series. As a child, I learned that my father was a member of the secretive cult of Freemasonry. I recall many arguments between my parents over my father's secret meetings and the exclusion of women from the brotherhood. When I asked my father about the meaning of the letter "G" and the compass and square on his ring, I got no reply. As an adult, I decided to investigate. That investigation grew into ten years of intensive research into the identity, history, crimes and motives of the illuminati globalists who I call the "ring of power."

Interesting Things of Illuminati

In this world there are many points of knowledge that are unknown. These points of knowledge are things that the powers that be would like to keep unknown and in doing so they want to keep the public ignorant. They want to do this because they know that an informed public would become very dangerous to the various regimes that lay in power right now.
Luckily the internet is all inclusive and there are places where you can get information on such things. Unfortunately for said powers that be, it is nearly impossible to keep people from sharing information with each other, while free communication is available to the public. As such free communication is available information will be freely shared. The only thing that these information hoarding invisible overlords have working in their favor, is the fact that many do not believe in them.
There's an old proverb that goes along with this. That proverb is "The greatest accomplishment the devil ever achieved was convincing man that he didn't exist." This being said, the group I refer to is the Illuminati. Now the simple fact of the matter is that most people will look at this article and believe that I'm nothing more than a crazy conspiracy theorist. Another chosen few will look further into what I have to say. There is Illuminati symbolism all around us.
The unfinished pyramid and all seeing eye on the back of the dollar, the geometric shapes found in Washington D.C. The various shapes and symbols we see in media, but now I present to you yet another theory on the Illuminati. A theory controversial even among conspiracy theorists is the belief that the twelve households of the Illuminati are none other than the direct descendants of the twelve tribes of Judah.
This school of thought believes that the Illuminati in our world are actually a force for good, hiding behind the curtains of the obvious just outside of our ability to see, and guiding the world in a positive light. This same school of thought also believes that was the real reason that Adolph Hitler persecuted the Jewish people.
This is directly converse with the belief that the Illuminati is a Satanic group guiding the world through it's own ritual means. One way or the other the geometry and symbolism proves that a specific force has been guiding history, whether it be a group for good or a group for evil remains to be seen. Maybe you will be the one to find out?