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Secret Societies and Occultists

Who is or are occultists? This is a person or a group of people brought together by a strong will of control in a certain belief of power whether tradition, religious or scientific. Occultists have existed since ancient times with various missions or objectives. Incidentally, when you hear of the word occultists, what will run into your mind would rather be the term secret societies. This is because just like occultists, secret societies are made up of people within one inner circle and the activities they undertake are indefinitely concealed from the public. What differentiates secrete societies that may be connected with the term occultists is in the fact that there are ceremonies that have to be undertaken before one becomes a member. This ceremonies or tests could be undertaken dependence on an individual's survival interest in the group. For example, in secret societies one of the tests to a person whose duty is probably to kill or execute certain groups of people would be to make a random killing of any person he may think of. Besides these tests, there is also oath taking which is another significance of an occult secret society.
Madam Blavatsky was a famous traveler and writer who is said to have contributed heavily in several western subcultures. Back in the year 1873, she collaborated Henry Steel to bring about the Theosophical society which was established in the city of New York despite Madam Blavatsky going to the extents of establishing this secret organization in the United States, it is said that the headquarters were set in India around 1882. Madam Blavatsky is one of the many occultists that had various motives for starting these secret organizations. Did you know that Madam Blavatsky was so influential in this society that after her death her ashes had to be divided amongst the three divisions of the occult? These were the New York City, Adjar in India and London! Her death is usually celebrated by this group as the day of the white lotus.
Another influential occult leader was Aleister Crowley who also went by the name the great beast. Aleister Crowley started out as a ceremonial magician before going ahead to founding Thelema a religious occult group. He took the initiative of making himself a prophet who would later inform people on the coming of natural calamities and other disasters that were a threat to mankind back in the early 20th century. Adam Weishaupt the Jesuit who founded the Illuminati movement has been recorded as one of the most influential occult leaders and founders of all time. Although Aleister Crowley achievements subside with Adam's, it can be realized they all had different objectives towards their enlightenment's. What follows is a list of the top ten secret societies or occults of all time which were started by occultists who had secret agendas.
  • The order of skull and bone where one of the members was George Bush senior that was also known as the brotherhood of death founded back in the year 1947.
  • The freemasons who were religious protectors and are well known for using signs, handshakes and corded messages while communicating.
  • Rosicrucian order which was primarily a group of German believers during the publishing of three famous documents.
  • Aleister Crowley greatly influenced the former Masonic group order of the temple of the east to exercise the Thelema law of love.
  • The hermetic order which can also be referenced as the golden dawn created by William Goodman also broke from the Masonic group. It is also said that the group may or may not have been influenced by the temple of the east laws.
  • We can never forget about the order of the Knights Templar, this is a group or club that borrows the ideals from the medieval Knights Templar, this group was formed back in the 12th century. The differentiating factor is that you cannot become a member of you are not a Christian mason.
  • The Illuminati, the group that should never be forgotten when talking about occultism. This is because even up to date they have been tied with managing certain governments.
  • Other groups that have been inducted into the hall of fame of hoax are the opus dei, priory of scion and the bilderberg meeting.

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