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New World Order and the Illuminati Secrets

The notorious 'Illuminati' are a secret society, formed on the 1 May 1776. It was said to have been formed by the mastermind Adam Weishaupt, and was intended for the worlds 'enlightened' population to take over due to power in wealth and knowledge. In today's world, we know the absolutely minimum about this low profile dominant group lying dormant in our world, and have no idea of its planned capabilities.
The powerful Illuminati have been argued by many famous writers to have been causers of the worlds main events, such as the on going credit crunch crisis or the UK priministeral elections. They simply have so much power they can do whatever they want. One of the most interesting facts about these people is that they are on the rise again, and are coming to power without fear this time, and with bias events in the world happening in their favour such as the USA presidential election, the Illuminati can control the united states from within, and even the world.
You may view this organisation of masterminds sly or secretive, but they are not at all evil. For instance the Illuminati claim to have caused the credit crunch was said by a secret speaker to be an attempt at training the worlds population up for knowledge and understanding when it encounters disasters such as itself when new world order is started. The new world order the Illuminati wish to install is a clever and well thought up system, where the worlds governments and leaders will be diminished and one grand master if the Illuminati shall rule the world with the supreme knowledge given to them through enlightenment. It will benefit the world in many ways, by stopping national debt and other humanitarian disasters, by enforcing the enlightened ones knowledge and power from the intelligent organisation.
But there is more... You yourself can learn more and become an enlightened member of the new world order, and help the world through intensive knowledge presented to you by hundreds of years of omniscient members such as Issac Newton or Albert Einstein (yes these were members of the Illuminati, notice the trend of intelligence). However the Illuminati are in a time of need, and offer a free information document on the following link to give a full, detailed description of what they are, openly.
So go on, it will benefit you in the time soon to come! Learn the secrets most people will never know about the worlds new order! Become enlightened while you still can.

Fact Or Fiction-Illuminati?

The concept of the Illuminati and the New World Order is nothing new. The fact that believers claim these secret elites have been around since Ancient Babylon goes to show how long people have worried about secret societies and corrupt governments. However with the rise of the internet, increase of terrorism and economic meltdown, many people are doing away with traditional political ideologies in return for the idea that all Governments are corrupt and part of the same secret order .
The basic concept is that throughout the ages 13 or more secret families have held the reigns over society by controlling the banking system, media empires, word government, sciences and health industry, as well as hording ancient information and religions. It is claimed that these elites were the inventors of modern religion as a means to close their victims minds to other possibilities, to the hidden truth.
When somebody is offered such information it's a lot to digest and a hell of a lot to prove, but this mysterious idea has taken on a new life of its own ad re-established itself as a fact based political ideology against the current left/right regime. Instead of getting in to ancient orders, and occult undertones, today's activists focus on what they can prove. Leading the way in the "info war" are the likes of Austin radio host Alex Jones that is anti-corporate media, and all out anti-establishment.
It is a fact that all the major news channels are owned by corporate interests, it is fact that most president's have more "wall street" staff than true politicians, it is a fact that major currencies are printed and issued by private banks and not the governments, and it is fact that certain interests get profits from war. Dig a little deeper and the wealthiest and most powerful families in the world just happen to have interests in all these things and are interconnected in some fashion. Some find it humorous, but it is also a fact that 25 US Presidents are related to each other and can be traced back to various royal families and aristocracy.
When you get past the more accepted "here and now" political debate of a corrupt New World Order, it takes you back to this ancient bloodline Illuminati dynasty and is extremely interesting, whether fact or fiction.
It is alleged that in Ancient Babylon the rulers at the time (who claimed they descended from Gods) sent offspring to all corners of the globe to set up the royal families and religious figures. These then controlled their given society under strict regimes and under false religion. Secret societies were then created to hide true information about the origins of man and the elites, and here citizens that would carry out the ruler's agenda were groomed and pushed in to positions of power, so any freedom fighter would never make it to the top of the power structure. They created the money system that enslaves humanity today, and have had there hands in both sides of every major war.
It's an astounding concept that has led rise to many movies, music albums, TV shows and video games.
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About the Illuminati

At the heart of practically every conspiracy theory which involves the New World Order, there is the shadowy group known only as the Illuminati. Today, there is no one group that claims this title, so it is assumed that everything they do is done in secret so it is impossible to know the identity of any of the members.
However, certain international think tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and the Trilateral Commission are often seen as branch organizations of the group. This article will cover a brief history of the group and a few of the plans they have in store for the world's population.
In 1776, a Bavarian Jesuit Adam Weishaupt created the original Illuminati organization which consisted of major freethinkers of the Enlightenment era. The group had very close ties with another secret society, namely the Freemasons. During their time they were accused of planning to overthrow the government and some believe they were even involved with bringing about the French Revolution. Their organization was deeply at odds with the Catholic Church which condemned them wholeheartedly. Their short lived group was eventually banned in 1784 when Karl Theodor, the ruler of Bavaria, made all secret societies illegal.
There are many conspiracy theorists today which believe that the Illuminati survived, most likely by hiding itself in the Freemasons. Proponents of these theories believe that major world events are being caused or exploited by this group with the end goal of creating a New World Order. This plan entails a one world, government, currency, religion, and language in many cases. These ideals will be shared with the public as a good thing and a final solution to all the wars, famine, bigotry, and other problems in the world, but the true plan involves a small ruling elite with complete control over large number of serfs.
Some of the better known proponents of these conspiracy theories include radio host Alex Jones, author David Icke, and political activist Mark Dice. While each of these persons expresses belief in the New World Order and the secret societies that are out to bring it about, they all have fundamental differences when it comes to the details. Major world figures who these theorists claim to be in the Illuminati include Winston Churchill, David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski, among many others. Likewise, there are many different groups accused with being affiliated with the group besides the Freemasons including Skull and Bones, The Bohemian Society, and the Ordo Templi Orientis.
The Antichrist Identity is an international group of political researchers, analysts and media group with a predominant focus on the formation of the coming new world order and its impact on a political, economic and social level.

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Do you know there are Illuminati in Kentucky?

My fevered imagination includes the probability that Andrew Jackson and stories of the Bell Witch are connected with this kind of knowledge.
"In his 1806 book Travels In America, Thomas Ashe writes of his experiences with a vast cavern originally discovered in 1783 beneath the city of Lexington, 300 feet long, 100 feet wide and 19 feet high, containing exotic artifacts, a stone altar for sacrifices, human skulls and bones piled high, and mummified remains. The mummies are very strange looking and have red hair. The local native Americans claimed that these were the remnants of an ancient civilization that died out long ago. Respected historian George W. Ranck also discusses this "lost city" buried beneath Lexington in 1872. It is said that local Native Americans identified the bodies as being from the ancient race who inhabited the area long before them.
In 1792 an early settler, General John Payne, made a strange discovery while building his house in the tiny town of Augusta, KY, 63 miles North of Lexington. From Historical Sketches of Kentucky by Lewis Collins, Maysville, Ky. 1847, page 205:
'The bottom on which Augusta is situated is a large burying ground of the ancients...They have been found in great numbers, and of all sizes, everywhere between the mouths of Bracken and Locust Creeks, a distance of about a mile and a half. From the
cellar under my (Payne's) dwelling, 60 by 70 feet, over a hundred and ten skeletons were taken. I measured them by skulls, and there might have been more, whose skulls had crumbled into dust...The skeletons were of all sizes, from seven feet to infant.
David Kilgour (who was a tall and very large man) passed our village at the time I was excavating my cellar, and we took him down and applied a thigh bone to his. The man, if well-proportioned, must have been 10 to 12 inches taller than Kilgour, and the lower jaw bone would slip on over his, skin and all. Who were they? How came their bones here?'
'When I was in the army, I inquired of old Crane, a Wyandot and of Anglerson, a Delaware, both intelligent old chiefs, and they could give me no information in reference to these remains of antiquity. Some of the largest trees of the forest were growing over the remains when the land was cleared in 1792.'
A few years later, on December 21, 1806, the town of Augusta, KY was visited by Harman Blennerhassett, lawyer, occultist, and member of the Illuminati. Was he aware of the ancient underground civilization in the region?
Blennerhassett was born on October 8, 1764 in Ireland {The Black and Red Lodge of Masonry and Keogh's grandfather in my researches on this probable great great-grandfather of mine is connected I suspect.}and moved to the USA after graduating. He and his wife (who was also his niece which is in-line with the Merovingian genetic programming so long as there are adequate foreign genes put into the mix which the Hapsburgs forgot for a few centuries) lived on Blennerhassett island on the Ohio River. Blennerhassett was a friend and colleague of Adam Weishaupt {Son of a Rabbi}, and a member of his Order of the Illuminati, reaching the level of Illuminatus Magus. He was also a friend of Vice President Aaron Burr, with whom he engaged in a conspiracy to remove President Thomas Jefferson from power. The plot was discovered and Blennerhassett's secret camp at Marietta was destroyed on December 19, 1806.
Blennerhassett fled with about 50 of his fellow initiates, leaving his wife, his sons and the rest of his guerrilla troops behind. But instead of making a direct exit, Blennerhassett risked making a mysterious side trip to Augusta, KY, arriving on the day of the solstice. Clearly, there was some occult significance to his visit to Augusta. But what? That Blennerhassett was interested in the forgotten ancient civilization is a distinct possibility." (7)

Are Al-Gebra and Illuminati related?

We are living in a world which is exposed to constant terror. A few days ago an individual was arrested at JFK Airport. The flight he disembarked from was AL-LIE 2006 from the Far-Far East. When checked at the custom counter, the immigration officials noticed the unusual excitement of one of the travellers. After a painstaking search, the suspicion was confirmed. The individual, who pretended to be a university basic-sciences lecturer, was in possession of suspicious and dangerous items. The customs official reported that he was in possession of an eraser, a ruler, a protractor, vernier callipers, a bottle of milk and a peculiar, coded book of non Anglo-Saxon origin on units and algorithms: "The 2006 Edition - SI Units, Conversion and Measurement Skills". The keywords: "conversion of units", "experimental science", "si measurement", "English to metric", "fun tests", "uncertainty", "power-of-ten", and "the da Vinci code" sounded also very suspicious...

Obviously, the man contravened the recently imposed flight regulations. Immediately he was whisked off to an undisclosed Central European interrogation camp.
Thanks to recently approved interrogation methods, the officers quickly learned that the man was a member of the infamous Al-Gebra movement. He was charged with carrying weapons of math instructions. It was found that Al-Gebra is a section of a fearsome, extremist scientific cult whose aim is to constantly increase knowledge of numbers with the sole intention of conquering the world. They use secret names like "X" and "Y" and refer to themselves as "Unknowns". What menaces the world is that in different countries, "Unknowns" change the names of their units to: fps, imperial, cgs, mks, KGB, si, ichi-foot, metric, tuzin-kopa and other strange denominations which make them difficult to follow. However, it has been determined that they belong to a common denominator of illuminati with coordinates in every country on the earth from time immemorial...

Commenting on the event, President Bush assured the American public that no foreign units (even French) would be allowed to enter the USA. The citizens were warned not to make any contact with them. The result of immediate poll showed that 90% of population reacted positively to the appeal.

In his defence, the individual mumbled that he had been framed by his own daughter who had planted a bottle of milk in his luggage as an expression of her love. He admitted that he had flown in from the Far-Far East in order to assist American science teachers. He confessed that in spite of the recent Nobel prizes, he was very concerned about the quality of USA science textbooks. He was also concerned that, according to "Trumpet" magazine, the percentage of American students planning to pursue engineering degrees had dropped from 36% to 6% over the last decade. The final straw that prompted him to board the plane was a statement from his beloved Oprah, who mentioned on prime time TV that high school students in the USA had come 24th in international mathematics tests. He denied that the book he was carrying was a set of instructions but rather a unique book on experimental science. He stated that the book was of a stimulating and entertaining nature and just what American students needed. He maintained that Amazon had already been selling the book for some time at an exorbitant price, far beyond the reach of the average American student and without the author's permission.
(This bizarre message was passed to IIPCAG for investigaton). His intention was to find an honest American publisher and to sell the book for the price ten times lower. Then he started a strange chant: "u - u-k and u - u-s-a, don't - de - lay, metri - cate!"
The officers came to the conclusion that although the terrorist had been deprived of a lawyer and a doctor, he should rather be admitted for psychiatric observation...

How Illuminati Evolved?

Someone I know via FB recently sent me a link to a video, with an accompanying message: "worth listening to" and "this is what we are up against."
This video was purportedly exposing the "Illuminati"--the recited text a list of ways 'they' are manipulating and controlling the masses, coupled with visual images meant to horrify and incense.
First let me say that the text itself, when examined, contains multiple contradictions and an inherent fallacy that makes the whole exercise a terrible joke. Looked at objectively the 'covenant' is a cunningly contrived discourse whose purpose is obviously to excite those of little understanding or discernment.
(The fact is, there doesn't need to be some elite group of puppet-masters manipulating the masses. The masses are well manipulated by the advertising industry alone. The ads we see every day that tell us in order to be happy we have to look like this, eat that, and drive the other are enough to convince the majority to stay on the treadmill of consumerism: spending one's time, energy and hard-earned money on conforming to the latest idea of 'in' or 'hip'--frittering away one's life chasing the carrot that always stays just out of reach, and burdened by never-ending debt. A slave who imagines he's free.)
What my (I'm guessing well-intentioned) acquaintance and those who spread the alarm about this so-called cabal apparently don't realize, is that by circulating this material they are serving the very purpose of those they condemn: the spread of fear and loathing--exciting the minds of the easily influenced to ineffectual rage. The upshot being that those who engage in this sort of conspiracy theorism are rendered useless in the larger struggle of Ignorance versus Enlightenment:for to engage at all is to concede one's energy to Ignorance. By dwelling on the insanity, or inanity, we feed it energetically (witness the Palin phenomenon), and only by withdrawing one's attention/energy may it be rendered impotent. Where there is no reaction there is no effect.
We are only at effect of that which we acknowledge.
By ceasing to engage in the maelstrom promulgated by the media--whose prime motive is profit, and secondary purpose to engage the populace in the turmoil of opinion, rendering them neutered in the ongoing process of overcoming Ignorance--we take the stand: we use our energy as we WILL, not as you would have us, reactively.
Those that understand this principle of Self-Mastery--and recognize our Oneness--focus their energy and attention on propagating that which fosters Understanding, Harmony & Compassion, for by so doing we eliminate the false barriers that have been erected to divide and conquer, and tip the balance toward the Light.
Be part of this intensifying phenomenon: embrace the Evolution Revolution and allow Consciousness to expand in you.

The Faith of Illuminati

The Illuminati is a very real institution. Whether it is the entity that is behind government that conspiracy theorists, survivalists, and fundamentalist Christian groups claim it is, is debatable, uncertain, and irrelevant to the discussion at hand. The point is that it is a real philosophy. The Illuminati faith is secular and does not have a belief in spirits, supernatural beings, or gods. It is basically materialistic, scientific, and rational. In this sense it cannot truly be classified as a "faith" or religion, perhaps. The Illuminati philosophy comes in two basic forms: Illuminism and Luciferianism. Luciferianism is actually a branch or one particular form of Illuminism, a sub-group, if you will. Luciferianism and Illuminism both focus on the Principle of Light as the symbol of knowledge and enlightenment. These philosophies are often the targets of much persecution by conspiracy theorists and fundamentalist Christian groups. Their influence, however, is far-reaching and all-encompassing, especially in the Western World.
Luciferianism and Illuminism truly are the same school of philosophy, with one fundamental difference. Luciferians see the Roman god Lucifer as the embodiment of Light, knowledge and illumination ("illumination" is the Luciferian/Illuminist term for "enlightenment"). Illuminism might also use Lucifer as this symbol, but might also use various sun gods, Light itself, God, Aton, Hiram Abiff, or Jesus Christ as this symbol instead of Lucifer. In fact, the vast majority of Illuminists are Christians and Jews, and are thus repulsed by the idea of using the symbol of Lucifer. Luciferians are a rarity in the Illuminist faith, despite what fundamentalist websites tell you.Thus, the one and only difference is that Luciferians typically revere the basic attributes associated with Lucifer while Illuminists might not always do this. It is also important to note that, according to the Luciferians, this Lucifer does not refer to the devil from the Christian Bible, which is the personification of evil. Most Luciferians do not believe in Christian mythology. Lucifer was a Roman god of light and the planet Venus, used by Luciferians as a symbol. These are considered two totally different entities.
The philosophy of Light (Illuminism and Luciferianism) sees the sun, fire, and Light as symbols of illumination and knowledge. They represent the advancement of Man in science, mathematics, physics, the arts, technology, etc. It represents science, reason, and logic. Rationality and humanism are major attributes of this philosophy. The All-Seeing Eye is also an important symbol of knowledge, the eyes being opened to see reality. It is also important to note that the All-Seeing Eye is the sun, and is a symbol of God's omniscience, which has been used in Christianity as well as other faiths. In these two "Illumined" philosophies, one that has received illumination and who has attained cosmic truth is referred to as an "illuminatus" (Latin: Enlightened One), the plural of which is "illuminati" (Enlightened Ones).
Why is Light the appropriate symbol of enlightenment? First, notice that "en-light-en" is merely the word "light" with "en" put on each end. Thus, the very word "enlighten" means to "bear light." Now, let me ask, what gives us the ability to see? Light. In darkness Man is blind and cannot see. Darkness, therefore, is the symbol of ignorance. But turn on a light switch, or light a candle and Man sees! Thus, Light is knowledge and darkness is ignorance. The Light of the Illuminati (Illuminated Ones) is the light of knowledge, science, and reason. Through the advancement of science Man will discover the undeniable truth of the universe and see reality as it is. This is what physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, astronomy, and other sciences do. By science and rational knowledge Man might rise in his evolutionary journey. One must shun all superstition and ignorance. Learn the sciences and the truth of the world. Be rational beings. This is the path of conscious evolution and advancement of humanity.
Luciferians are the branch of Illuminists that have chosen Lucifer as their philosophical symbol of Man's quest for knowledge. Why? First of all, if you ask any Luciferian, he or she will tell you this is different from the devil of Christian mythology. Lucifer is the Roman god of light. Lucifer is Latin, meaning "light-bearer." Thus, Lucifer is the Roman god of knowledge, which very much resembles the statue of liberty, with rays coming from his head and holding the torch of knowledge that Man may see. Also, from the Illuminists' standpoint, the Church has persecuted science and enslaved Man with ignorant doctrines and burned heretics (those that disagree with the Church authorities) at the stake. Look at what has happened to Galileo, Copernicus, and other great scientists. Why not choose the enemy of the Church as the symbol of knowledge? The struggle between Illuminism and the Roman Catholic Church has been a long and bloody one.
Illuminism is a philosophy of Dualism: The battle between the forces of Light and Darkness. Light is primarily the symbol of knowledge, while Darkness is seen as ignorance. Thus, one should learn the sciences and be rational and try to discover the truth in the universe. Blind dogmas and superstitions are to be overcome. Man is blinded and has been seeking knowledge since we rose above the animals. The reasoning faculty of Man, in fact, is the very thing which raises us above the lower kingdoms in nature. With Light Man sees and in the Darkness Man is blind. Light is also love, while Darkness is hatred. Love is what causes society to work together in groups and in harmony. Without the Principle of Good in the world, people would end up killing from each other, stealing, and harming others. Our governments' laws are set up for the very purpose of keeping social order, and religions have sprung up with sacred laws, helping to control the masses to work together efficiently in society. Laboriousness (having a good work ethic) is Light and laziness is Darkness, too. Laboriousness and doing one's duty in life causes society to be happy and to prosper, while laziness causes one to be a financial burden on others. Foolishness causes people to get into all kinds of trouble, while the Light of wisdom is like a lamp before Man's feet, showing him the way of right conduct. Therefore, the Illuminist concept of Light versus Darkness is much like the Christian or Mithraic concept of good and evil. One is to seek the Light and to overcome the Darkness.
The seekers of the lamp of knowledge are often called the "fire philosophers" because of their reverence for the light of flame. Why not? Remember, before the recent invention of the light bulb fire was the only means of light, whether from lighting a candle to see, an oil lamp. torch, or via the light of the sun, moon, or stars. One of the attributes of fire is transmutation. Fire transforms wood into ash and smoke, and ice into water and water into gas. The way of Light is the way of self-transformation through divine fire. For example, if one is lazy and does not work, he or she should get a job; if one is fat, one must lose weight; and angry person should be filled with patience and love; ignorance transmuted into knowledge, from vice, virtue; from hatred, love. This is also called spiritual or philosophical "alchemy." Alchemy involves turning base metals (like lead) into gold. Thus, philosophically, one must turn the baser elements of character into pure golden ones. This is perfection of the self, self-improvement and of the world. Go to college to get a better job. Advance the human race through science.
The philosophy of Light is a path of apotheosis: Man reaching divine union with God.In this way, its primary goal is the same as that of Yoga, Buddhism, Qabalah, and other mystical traditions. Man is to reach the spark of divinity, the seed of Light within. Man will advance through knowledge, science, the arts, technology, self-improvement, and enlightenment to rise as a species, the advancement of the human race: conscious evolution to reach the stars.

The Illuminati?

Some thoughts on the Illuminati...
Well as far as a secret society goes the Illuminati haven't done a very good job at remaining secret in recent years have they?
As far as history is concerned I think it is true to say that the Illuminati were a secret society, said to have formed in the late 18th Century in Bavaria - well if we are trying to be correct a date of 1776 has been proposed. It is difficult to piece together any meaningful history of this 'society' as the whole subject has become tainted with poorly referenced conspiracy paranoia, pseudo-historical analyses and the odd fraud (hoax) or two.
Starting with the choice of name - Illuminati - it seems that the society professed to be in line with some kind of information or approach that made its members 'the enlightened'. It is likely that they had a republican political agenda which included the abolition of monarchies. It is further suggested that they tried to bring about change by means of subterfuge, secrecy, and conspiracy, including the infiltration of other organizations. They were not very successful and were destroyed, or at least outlawed, within fifteen years of their origin (Pipes 1997).
The founder is reputed to be Adam Weishaupt from the University of Ingolstadt and it appears that the society's aims were closely linked to ideas from the Enlightenment i.e. to combat religious thinking and promote and encourage rationalism. Wieshaupt was an anti-monarchist and secularist which, obviously, informed the nature of the society he created. In 1777, Karl Theodor became ruler of Bavaria and, in 1784, his government banned all secret societies including the Illuminati and they disbanded (or perhaps were imprisoned, 'destroyed' or otherwise dispatched!)
There is no empirical evidence that this society survived the 18th Century.
What we hear of today is a melange of conspiracy theories from which have at their core the notion of some kind of elite, powerful and probably wealthy 'secret society' behind veils of other 'secret' or at least 'clandestine' groups.
Like an onion skin, although conspiracy theorists would prefer the image of a pyramid, the outer layers are the lowest levels of the New World Order movers and shakers and at the core can be found the Illuminati.
Sometimes we are told that this inner core of is run by a number of key families (13 is often quoted for effect more than genealogy) whose 'bloodlines' are linked and perhaps manipulated by visitors from another world.
This inner core of people is so secret that the families are actually named on several websites...Their existence is so shadowy that they insist on leaving symbols of their very existence behind for us mere mortals to discover...
This then is the real Illuminati!
Seems like they're not doing a very good job at keeping their manipulative presence hidden!
I mean stop for a moment to consider some simple ideas.
The bloodlines of monarchy and aristocracy are very likely to be linked in any case, what with marriage being the vehicle by which alliances were made. Such links do not require the organising agents of 'secret' human societies let alone the interference from some passing aliens - or am I missing the point?
Of course there are 'symbols' which seem to survive and be repeated from time to time and place to place. As a species we are very good at creating symbolic language and meaningful patterns (you're reading some right now)... AND of course some 'magical symbols' will form part of our everyday society as they have been a part of our psyche for a very long time. Assuming these symbols need to have any other significance is a bit of a stretch. The 'Great Seal' on US currency is often quoted as being Masonic or Illuminati in origin having been designed by Illuminati, or at least High Degree Freemasons. If you really check this story out (see Skeptoid) there are more than enough questions raised which serve to question the key assumptions in the conspiracy theorists rhetoric.
What do Governments do?
They rule, they plan, they organise, they fight, they assert sovereignty!
There's no need to imagine a global conspiracy to explain the actions of Governments.
Now here's where there is, perhaps, an element of truth in all of the Conspiracy Theories you have ever heard. It seems obvious to me that Governments cannot tell us the truth all of the time, truth after all is a relative concept, and there are things that must be on a need to know basis. More importantly some major Governments have been shown to be involved with somewhat dodgy dealings and certainly individuals within Governments are not above corruption, error and simply being wrong.
The simple fact the 'the truth outs' from some of these accidental, and not so accidental, cover-ups seems to belie the existence of ability to 'keep' secrets of any real magnitude.
Perhaps there is a rule of thumb that is worth exploring - the more people who need to be involved in any form of cover-up or covert action the LESS likely it is to be possible.
Google returns over 34,000,000 results for a search on Illuminati and a mere 1,000,000 for a search on Illuminati + Sceptic. Surely that suggests something!

2012 -The Mystery-Illuminati

Whenever conspiracy in world government is discussed, the mysterious "Illuminati" or "the enlightened ones" are most often pointed as being involved. While some people don't believe that the Illuminati are involved, a shadow of secret is always attached to the name "Illuminati". The group had existed for 225 years yet no one had succeeded to discover their secrets.
The documented facts about Illuminati is that on May 1, 1776, Dr. Adam Weishaupt, a professor of Canon Law at Ingolstadt University and a former Jesuit, formed a secret society called the Order of the Illuminati within the existing Masonic lodges of Germany. He wrote his philosophy of Illuminism, which calls for a one-world government and religion that controls the population. It outlined that private property was to be abolished and that its master plan was to be carried out in secret.
The Free Masons is another secret society that still exists throughout the world. The origin of freemasonry is also not documented but some trace it back to biblical times. Others place it in England because of the Free Masons' formal establishment of various lodges there in medieval times. The society is believed to have a set of beliefs linked to the ancient religions of Egypt and Greece. With this history and the association of Knights Templar, an inner circle of Free Masons developed.
The Knights Templar is a secret society formed approximately in 1119 AD during the time of the crusades. They are a handful of European knights that were supposedly assigned to protect European travelers on their journey to and from the Middle East. The Knights Templar became powerful that they were able to accumulate a vast amount of wealth. They were the first people who established the first international banking system. When King Philip IV of France influenced the Pope against the Knights Templar, the Catholic Church put an end to the secret society. The survivors were believed to have joined other societies such as the Free Masons.
Together, the Illuminati's, the Knights Templar and the Freemasons joined together. The three societies have one thing in common, to create a New World Order. It is speculated that in the present day, the Illuminati have infiltrated European and U.S. positions of power and are behind the scenes influencing policies and world events. The Order of Skull & Bones, a secret society based at Yale, is believed to be an American extension of the Illuminati. Members of the order include Averill Harriman, Prescott Bush, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and John Kerry. And now there are many speculations that the current US president is involved as well.
The idea of the conspiracy called the New World Order is total population control, one world government, currency, religion, and language. The conspiracy is believed to be religious in nature, a plan to usher in the antichrist. Interestingly, the book of revelations speaks of the antichrist, his one-world government and one-world religion. Events that could possibly lead up to a conclusion such as this is the act by the United Nations or some other global establishment to force control over many nations.
It is hard to believe that there is an existing secret organization plotting for more than 200 years to control the world - and that the Free Masons are somehow a part of it. Whether the debate is true or not, this ancient bloodline of Illuminati dynasty is extremely interesting.

Have you hear about Illuminati Card Game?

Below is a variety of different illuminati card games that are in print.

Illuminati: Deluxe
Illuminati Deluxe is the classic card game brought to you by Steve Jackson. The object of the game is to take over the world by controlling illuminati societies such as, but not limited to: The Bavarian Illuminati, The Discordian Society, The UFOs, The Servants of Cthulu, The Bermuda Triangle, The Society of Assassins, The Network and The Gnomes of Zurich; keep in mind, some societies will only be available by purchasing separate expansion packs or stand-alone games.
As for gameplay, in Illuminati Deluxe players will trade, form alliances, and backstab each other in order to gain control of a world represented a group of cards such as: Secret Masters of Fandom, CIA, International Communist, etc. In order to win, players must complete the aim of the game; for example, building a power structure consisting of a given number of cards, or controlling at one card of each alignment; though, there are many other ways to win.

Illuminati: Crime Lords

Illuminati: Crime Lords is a stand-alone expansion brought to by Steve Jackson; in it, rival mobs compete with each other over control of the city in ruin. When starting out, you'll control a few gangsters; however, with ambition you'll be able to take over the entire world.
To do this, take control over bordellos, chop shops, and racketeering schemes to earn income. But don't let the Feds or the police stop you. The game supports a total of 2-8 players that directly compete with each other in order to take control of the world.
As for the rules, there are none: players can cheat, steal, and do whatever it takes to the win the game. Think you have what it takes? Form alliances, break them, and win.

Illuminati: Mutual Assured Distraction
Illuminati: Mutual Assured Distraction is an expansion pack brought to you by Steve Jackson. In this version, you're given a set of cards to help you, once again, take control over the world.
With this set of cards, you'll have new tactics at your disposal; for example, use the media to propagate headlines that read about health care form and a collapsing financial system to control a docile population with fear.
Furthermore, this game set introduces "New World Cards" to your collection, which means that your cards will now affect all players and not just the one who put it down.
Illuminati: Bavarian Fire Drill
Illuminati: Bavarian Fire Drill is an expansion pack brought to you by Steve Jackson; in it, your goal is to take over the world using a variety of new cards that players have never seen before.
To win, players must control new groups like bloggers, reality television shows, and Intelligent Design. But beware; players will have new opponents to look out for such as the bird flu and bobble heads.
The expansion pack introduces a new type of card: artifacts. Some of which are magical, rendering their owners new abilities, while others are just technological. Either way, however, players will have new powers that they can use to take over the world. With cards like Hitler's brain, the Spear of Longinus, and the Screaming Meme, player's can cheat, steal, and do anything in their powers to wind.