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New World Order and the Illuminati Secrets

The notorious 'Illuminati' are a secret society, formed on the 1 May 1776. It was said to have been formed by the mastermind Adam Weishaupt, and was intended for the worlds 'enlightened' population to take over due to power in wealth and knowledge. In today's world, we know the absolutely minimum about this low profile dominant group lying dormant in our world, and have no idea of its planned capabilities.
The powerful Illuminati have been argued by many famous writers to have been causers of the worlds main events, such as the on going credit crunch crisis or the UK priministeral elections. They simply have so much power they can do whatever they want. One of the most interesting facts about these people is that they are on the rise again, and are coming to power without fear this time, and with bias events in the world happening in their favour such as the USA presidential election, the Illuminati can control the united states from within, and even the world.
You may view this organisation of masterminds sly or secretive, but they are not at all evil. For instance the Illuminati claim to have caused the credit crunch was said by a secret speaker to be an attempt at training the worlds population up for knowledge and understanding when it encounters disasters such as itself when new world order is started. The new world order the Illuminati wish to install is a clever and well thought up system, where the worlds governments and leaders will be diminished and one grand master if the Illuminati shall rule the world with the supreme knowledge given to them through enlightenment. It will benefit the world in many ways, by stopping national debt and other humanitarian disasters, by enforcing the enlightened ones knowledge and power from the intelligent organisation.
But there is more... You yourself can learn more and become an enlightened member of the new world order, and help the world through intensive knowledge presented to you by hundreds of years of omniscient members such as Issac Newton or Albert Einstein (yes these were members of the Illuminati, notice the trend of intelligence). However the Illuminati are in a time of need, and offer a free information document on the following link to give a full, detailed description of what they are, openly.
So go on, it will benefit you in the time soon to come! Learn the secrets most people will never know about the worlds new order! Become enlightened while you still can.

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