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Illuminati: Bill Clinton's Rockefeller Origins Explored

Bill Clinton was born on August 19, 1946.


Because Bill Clinton was born in Arkansas, and he became the governor of the state of Arkansas,most people who think him to be an illegitimate son of a Rockefeller tend to assume that it was Winthrop who fathered him. But Bill Clinton was most likely conceived in Chicago, where the Rockefeller's had built the   University of Chicago. Not for nothing but if you...

...take away Winthrop's beard it becomes clear that he is not likely to be Bill's daddy-o. Does that mean that Bill C. isn't a Rockefeller? Well...we all know that little boys from Arkansas just don't grow up to be president of the Fed's "work makes free" plantation so...Bill had to have some high-level connection going for him. Maybe it just wasn't Winthrop. Maybe it was a different Rockefeller and baby Bill was just dropped at his door to muddy the waters of Bill's real dad. The Rockefeller family certainly would be able to guide an illegitimate offspring to the oval office...So which Rockefeller could have sired Bill? Any one of the Rockefellers could have. They were criss-crossing the country. Let's see if we can find Bill's pop among the Rockefeller men.

Here is John D. Rockefeller,Jr..There is a strong family resemblance here, but, at the end of 1945 "Junior" was 72 years old and they hadn't invented viagra yet...

John Jr's eldest son, John III...I'm not feeling it. How about you? JDR III has got that pointy Rockefeller nose.
I think we struck oil here folks.I checked out Nelson's whereabouts around the time of Bill's conception...Nelson was around 37 years old when he had flown cross-country from California to New York forty weeks prior to Bill's birth. It appears the flight wasn't non-stop. I don't think planes flew non-stop back then. Chicago's O'Hare was the likely refueling place to refuel. Bill's mom was a nurse anesthetist back then.Perhaps she worked at the The University of Chicago Medical Center...just thinking out loud.Anyway, when I was a kid I remember Nelson as governor of New York. It now makes a lot more sense why the Clinton's chose New York as their home.
David was about 30 at the time of Bill's conception but I don't see as strong a resemblance as that of Nelson.

Virginia Clinton Kelley with her boys, Bill and Roger. Now I'm not here to comment on Virginia's rumoured capacity for "flirtation". I just thought it would be interesting to figure out which Rockefeller was Bill's dad. Why are we talking about John D. Rockefeller's children on a Shabbatean-Frankist site? The hint is in the name. Not Rockefeller. It's the middle initial "D" that's a clue. The "D" stands for Davison, which is the shortened version of David's son. This name can allude to a Shabbatean family. The messiah is a "son of David". Shabbatai Tzvi was from the house of David. He was a Romaniote Jew of Greece. They arrived on the shores of Greece soon after the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem by the Romans. They were able to keep trackk of their lineage as there was not a lot of ancestral confusion where they lived for 1600 years. Most Ashkenazi Jews who claim to be descended from the house of David have a more difficult time to proof it. Shabbatai Tzvi passed the lineage test with flying colors and

here is a rabbinic document to prove it signed by many a rabbi.

Shabbatean affiliations, by definition are hard to detect. Not everyone with Davison as a surname should be suspect, but when they become as powerful as the's time to suspect.

Will get to this guy and his Rockefeller connection at a later date.

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