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Illuminati-All seeing eye symbol

"In the Kingdom of the Blind, the ONE EYED shall be King"
[Eye of Horus Satanic/Lucifer symbol for the ever watching, all seeing Reptilians. Done with and without hand, see All seeing eye (people), just with hand: Eye (all seeing & hand.  Subconsciously this would act like any Big Brother symbol (Subliminal Influencing).  We have all had many previous lives where these sort of symbols were in use overtly, along with the fact we all know Big Brother exists subconsciously (Revelation of the Method), so you can imagine the effects.]

Symbol of the Enemy"to emphasise that the All Seeing Eye can get you anywhere"

Kali  Eye on sword


What is really behind the Eye.

This is from an organization which will re-patriot you as a Jew and move you to Israel.

Quotes  [Symbol quotes  Symbol quotes (specific)]

[2011 Aug] Illuminati Inspect Every Hollywood Script   Of course everyone wants to leap on the "Illuminati eye" as a blatantly repetitive symbol these days. That's a misguided judgment, and I'll get to that part soon. An example of a less obvious Signature Symbol is the gargoyle. Any film or other production featuring even brief glimpses of gargoyles is announcing that it has the Illuminati stamp of approval.
'The pyramid and the "eye of Horus" on the back of the dollar bill are Illuminati symbology. ... The eye is the all seeing eye of Horus and the fact that no one can escape his magical reach. This eye is considered a demonic eye in the group, or the eye of the deity, and in Illuminati mythology is either open or closed, depending upon the spiritual time of year and the state of the person psychically. Young children are given "psychic surgery" where the eye is placed inside, and they are told that Horus will snatch their soul if they ever try to leave, or if they tell, or that the eye will explode. The symbol on the dollar is reinforcement for every Illuminati child who sees one, and the reminder that they are being watched.' ---Part 4: The Illuminati - Freemason Connection
'The All-Seeing Eye was representative of the omniscience of Horus, the Sun God'.---Magic Symbols, by Frederick Goodman, p. 103, Satanic symbols book
“Called the 'mal ochio' (evil eye), this object is regarded by all Satanists as the symbol of Lucifer.”--- William J. Schnoebelen, James R. Spencer Whited Sepulchers, p. 20
'In Egyptian Mythology, Horus IS Lucifer'. ---Former Satanist, William Schnoebelen, Masonry:  Beyond The Light, p. 197
The All-Seeing Eye, The President, The Secretary and The Guru by Terry Melanson
The All-Seeing Eye is used to represent the planet Sirius. Sirius is important to the Hermetic magicians, and some of the programmers are deeply into hermetic magic. Satan is said to come from Draco or Sirius, esp. the dog star Canis major. Masonic programming may well have the "blazing star" portrayed in the programming as a pentagram, with the name Sirius. Sirius may represent the Master, the creator of the system in some systems where the programmer is steeped in Masonic philosophy.  Deeper Insights 4. The Use of Hypnosis 
But the real punch line here is this: as Glenn correctly pointed out to me, Longinus who pierced the side of Jesus with his 'Spear of Destiny' had only one eye! (He was blind in one eye, but was healed by Jesus' blood.)  And, in the film The Passion [of the Christ, a controversial film about the final 12 hours of Jesus, released soon after the Super Bowl fiasco], Jesus is mostly... you guess it, one-eyed.   Needless to say, this... relates to the Eye of Horus, or the 'All-Seeing Eye' of the pyramid capstone that you see on the back of the US dollar bill. It symbolizes Osirian resurrection, seed/sex, Mars, New World Order... etc. etc. all very relevant. Birth of Horus, birth of Antichrist - that would probably the strongest concept conveyed by all this.--The Lucifer Time Code Pt 2 By Goro Adachi  
The Eye of Horus comes from one of the many religions which came from Babylon because of Nimrod (aka, Baal, Osiris - represented by the pagan owl Molech) and the Whore of Babylon (aka Isis, the whore, even Lady Liberty).
Eye of Horus: According to Egyptian legend, Osiris was murdered by Set and Set was killed by Horus who lost an eye in the process, hence the Eye of Horus. The 33rd degree Freemason and Black Nobility president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, had this symbol printed on the dollar bill from 1933. It was a symbol of secret societies in Europe long before anyone heard of the United States and it is awash with Freemasonic and secret society symbolism going back to the ancient world.--David Icke
ALL-SEEING EYE -- The All-seeing eye originated in Egypt in those Satanic Mysteries which God physically judged during the time of Moses, when he lead the Israelites out of the land by the mighty hand of God.  The All-Seeing Eye was representative of the omniscience of Horus, the Sun God, [Magic Symbols, by Frederick Goodman, p. 103, Satanic symbols book].  As one Masonic book says, "These considerations lead us to an interesting topic, the Eye of Mind or the Eye of Horus ... and conveying the idea of the 'All seeing Eye'.  The end set before the Egyptian neophyte was illumination, that is to be 'brought to light'.  The Religion of Egypt was the Religion of the Light". [Thomas Milton Stewart, The Symbolism fo the Gods of the Egyptians and the Light They Throw on Freemasonry, London, England, Baskerville Press, Ltd., 1927, p. 5]Anyone who knows their Scripture and thinks of themselves as "Christian" should feel right now like they have been slapped alongside their head with a two-by-four!  This Masonic author has just told you that the Light to which Masons constantly refer, and toward which they are to constantly move, is the Religion of Horus!  This is damning, because in Egyptian Mythology, Horus IS Lucifer [Former Satanist, William Schnoebelen, Masonry:  Byond The Light, p. 197]
The pyramid and the "eye of Horus" on the back of the dollar bill are Illuminati symbology. The pyramid is an ancient form based on the holyness of the number 3 to the ancient mystery religions (it, not 6, is considered the most spiritual number), and a pyramid was a structure used specifically to call up the demonic, or occult, a point of psychic activity.
    The eye is the all seeing eye of Horus (remember the emphasis on Egyptian magical religious practices? The book of the undead, etc.?) and the fact that no one can escape his magical reach. This eye is considered a demonic eye in the group, or the eye of the deity, and in Illuminati mythology is either open or closed, depending upon the spiritual time of year and the state of the person psychically. Young children are given "psychic surgery" where the eye is placed inside, and they are told that Horus will snatch their soul if they ever try to leave, or if they tell, or that the eye will explode. The symbol on the dollar is reinforcement for every Illuminati child who sees one, and the reminder that they are being watched.
    The saying on the dollar, 'Novus Ordo Seclorum' also means "bringing in the new order", which is the Illuminati stated agenda. Just think, in the early 1800's, our forefathers already were looking forward to when the new order would be ushered in. Have I mentioned that this is a patient, forward looking group of intellectuals? That Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, FDR, and others were Illuminati leaders? Our country may have been founded on freedom from taxation, but it was also founded on the New World Order just as surely. Part 4: The Illuminati - Freemason Connection
In addition, here is a quote from John Todd, who belongs to the Masonic "Council of 13", in the magazine "Progress for All" from January 1991; an interview regarding the clarification of the Pyramid and the shining eye on the back of the US One Dollar Bill (see picture above): "The seal of the pyramid was created by the Rothschild family and brought to North America by Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton before 1776. The Rothschild family is the head of the organization in which I entered in Colorado. All the Occult Brotherhoods are part of it. It is a Lucifer Organization to install his reign in the whole world. The eye on the pyramid is the eye of Lucifer. Supposedly the Rothschild's have personal dealings with the Devil. I have personally been in his villa and have experienced it. And I know it is true."
- John Todd
Art Bell Notice the hidden messages, A.L. and R.T. Bel? Can you decipher them? Notice that a capstone is in place? Did you notice Bel is placed above the capstone by the flying arrow? Do you know what that means? Did you spot the all seeing eye?
    Here is a clue... A.L. is the abbreviation for the Latin which translates Year of Light referring to the year 6,000 when the Illuminati believe Prometheus, Lucifer, Baal, Bel, Satan, the angel of light who was cast out of heaven, will triumph over God and mount the throne in the north (A metaphor for the triumph of socialism over religion, nation states, and the common herd). A.L. can be found by adding 4,000 to the current year, 1998 + 4000 = 5998. All who say they are Light Workers are engaged in the battle against God on Lucifer's behalf. --Cooper

Third eye (etheric plane)

Need to check this, mostly to see if it is Sanpaku eye.
Knights Templar [Knights Templar]

Templar Church


Zionist [Zionist symbols Zionism]


Colorado Seal

National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) This is a patch for a NRO spy-satellite launch. Those familiar with this site will probably recognize this Illuminati 101 symbolism: An unfinished pyramid topped by the All-Seeing Eye. This All-Seeing Eye requires help: it needs spy satellites to be even more all-seeing. “LMA” at the bottom right most likely refers to Lockheed Martin Aerospace, which is the ultimate Big Brother mega-company working with the CIA, NRO, NSA and IRS. Above the All-Seeing Eye is written “Supra Summus”, which can be translated to “Most Superior and Highest”, which, if nothing else, indicates a healthy level of self-esteem. Other NRO spy-satellite launches have also used similar designs.

Desert Prowler. Looks like whoever's in charge of the Desert Prowler program is spending as much time making patches as they are on the project! Here are a few more patches from this project (there are two in the book). The patch on the left says "Flight Test" on it, which is unlike other versions of the patch. The one on the right has lots of symbols on it. If you've read the book, you should be able to decode them!

This patch comes from some sort of UAV that was/is funded through the BIG SAFARI program. The patch has the BIG SAFARI shield above the eyes. There are a couple of BIG SAFARI patches in the book.

Illuminati Pyramid in Blagnac, France

Zion Olympics

Zion Olympics

911 symbology

2012 zion part 2 Here the closing ceremony/ countdown to 2012, 2008 Beijing Olympics


MI 5


Bad Krozingen
's civic coat of arms.

British guards armoured division patch


Israel. (Free Masons Square) in the city of Eilat

Currency [Currency symbolism]

 Sanpaku eye  USA Notice Lizard skin and eye position.

Police  [Police]

Saudi Arabian Police

Berne Police Station. 33 links  All seeing eye symbol 33  Sun, Sun Gods, Halo   [vid] The Pharaoh Show [ENGLISH] (2 of 2)


Illuminati card game

Buffett, Warren

A Union Bank ad for EON card

LucasArts  Lucas, George

OsiriX, Advanced Imaging in 3D/4D/5D

Sony Erickson ad

 [vid] PUMA Illuminati Commercial Lightning  The pyramid eye theme is seen near the beginning and clearly seen at the end. At 48 seconds you will see the eye change. There are some psychological techniques used as well, such as the two women and one man wearing brightly coloured tops; they did this so that your brain doesn't pay attention to what is above them. The elite want their symbolism to enter your brain subliminally.

Internet provider Alice (owned by Telecom Italia 100%)

New Earth Army


Obey Clothing  

A Solid Foundation


Cancer Research Campaign

Wellcome Foundation Winged-Sun-Disk  Eagle Sun 


Rx  Allopathy Inc Rx' symbol used by pharmacies and in medicine

Lightning bolt


Live Earth

Bambaataa, Afrika

13th Floor Elevators




Aguilera, Christina


Apollo 440




Art vs. Science



Beth Ditto

Bizzy Bone


Boyd, Brandon  

Boney M




The Celibate Rifles & The Seminal Rats

Celtic Frost

Chapelleir, Fred

hemical Brothers

Cliff, Jimmy

David Cook

Cranberries, The.  The Cranberries - Bury the Hatchet (1999)
Storm says: 'I was both suprised and heartened that the Cranberries chose the design at all ... the Cranberries had previously used pictures of themselves, often on a sofa. Our image was clearly a departure, not a sofa in sight. The second miracle arose after we decided that red earth was paramount to contrast with a blue sky, which had to be empty (ie cloudless, to echo the empty landscape and to emphasise that the All Seeing Eye can get you anywhere).'


Daft Punk

DC Talk



Dreyfus, Francis

Duran Duran


Dream Theater

Dynamix II

Earth, Wind and Fire

Elton John

Erickson, Roky


Exile Radio

Florence and the Machine


French Jeans

Glastonbury festival

Grateful Dead

GPKISM (Japanese goth group )

Hackett, Steve




Joe Gallant & his band, Illuminati.


Ministry (industrial metal band)

Irreligious Horus 


Jah Fame

Jessie J

Jonas, Kevin


Killswitch Engage

King Crimson

Kravitz, Zoë Isabella


Lambert, Adam

Lana Del Ray

Little Dragon

Lopes, Lisa




Masonic Youth  Mickey Mouse  Satanic hand sign (Music)

Minaj, Nicki



Mobb Deep 












Pine, Courtney

Pink Floyd


Portugal. The Man

Prinz Pi

Randam Luck

Ray 7



Santana, Carlos

Schirach, Otto von

Sci-Fi Industries



Smith, Michael (i2 Eye) Eye name on top of triangle/pyramid.

Ssion  (Cody Critcheloe)

Jeffree Star

Stewart, Dave

Syd Arthur 




Urban, Keith

VH1. The stage of VH1's Diva Celebration.


Walter Meego


Wavvez (King of the Beach)

White Stripes (You Don't Know What Love Is )

Williams, Robbie  

Marco Aldany

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Fashion  [Fashion  Fashion symbolism]

Daphne Guiness

Model Ana Buljevic

Beth Ditto

Campbell, Naomi


Richardson, Terry  shoot

Versace  All seeing eye symbol  [vid] THE VERY BEST OF VERSACE for H&M Winter 2011 (Spot)


Obey Clothing

"Cult of the Serpent" tee shirt being sold at Macy's department stores.


One Show 

Art Bell
Magazine covers

Time covers  July 20, 1953
Film covers

Brothers War

Clash of the Titans

Clockwork Orange

Eyes Wide Shut

The Handmaid’s Tale (1990)

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009)

Lord of the Rings

Men who Stare at Goats

Pan's Labrinth
Similar to, Exile Radio:

Film, TV content

Agent Cody Banks

Movie: Anatomy of a Murder (1959)
Band leader’s name, "Pie-eye". Duke Ellington as Pie-eye leads a jazz band.

Back to the future

Bad Boys 2

Being There (1979)

Brazil (1985)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 2 (1997/1998)

Promo for new NBC mid-season series "The Cape".

Cité des enfants perdus, La (1995)

Movie: Citizen Kane (1941)

Conan the Barbarian

Movie: Desperately seeking Susan (1985)

Dolores Claiborne (1995)
Bank manager Allard Pease, played by Bob Gunton, tells Dolores Claiborne, played by Kathy Bates, that her ex-husband has emptied their joint savings account. She replies: "Either he’s buried it in a mason jar in the back yard or else he’s opened up a new account."


Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century (1953)

Movie: El topo (1970)

Erin Brockovich (2000)
The cornerstone of the Barstow Courthouse displays a square and compasses.

The Flintstones
Episode 49. "Impractical Joker" First aired: 2/9/1962. Writer: Warren Foster. Director: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera

Movie: Gangs of New York (2002)

Peter Gunn
Craig Stevens (Peter Gunn), Lola Albright (Edie Hart), Herschel Bernardi (Lieutenant Jacoby), Bill Chadney (Emmett), Hope Emerson (Mother). Season one, episode 2: "Streetcar Jones" (9/29/1958).

Movie: The Handmaid’s Tale (1990)

Movie: Hard Core Logo (1996)

Movie: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009)

Lara Croft movie

Movie: Let's Do It Again (1975)

Movie: Mad Max III Beyond Thunderdome

Movie: The Man Who Would Be King (1975)

Movie: A Mormon Maid (1917)

Movie: Mystery Men (1999)


Movie: Ocean's 11 (1960) depicted in a funeral home catering to all denominations and faiths.

Prime Suspect 2
First aired: 12/15/1992.

The Prisoner
Episode 10: "A Change of Mind

Quantum of Solace

Samurai Jack (2003)
Samurai Jack. Season 3, Episode 13: Jack and the Labyrinth [XXXIX] 26 August 2003.

Movie: A scanner darkly (2006)

Movie: Sennen joyu / Millenium actress (2001)

Film: Sherlock Holmes

Movie: a shot in the dark (1964)

The Simpsons "Last Exit to Springfield" (1993)                        The Simpsons "Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy" (1993) "Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy" 514 1F012. Original Airdate: 2/17/94
The Simpsons, Season 4 Episode 76, March 11, 1993   

The Simpsons "Burns' Heir" (1994)
"Burns' Heir". Original airdate: 14 April 1994

South Park

Spirited Away / Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi (2001)

Peter Gunn
Craig Stevens (Peter Gunn), Lola Albright (Edie Hart), Herschel Bernardi (Lieutenant Jacoby), Bill Chadney (Emmett), Hope Emerson (Mother). Season one, episode 2: "Streetcar Jones" (9/29/1958).

Superfly (1972)

This is Spinal Tap (1984)

Movie: Twentieth Century (1934)

Movie: Twilight of Ice nymphs (1997)

The Twilight Zone (1964)
"Black Leather Jackets." Episode 138 (Season 5, Episode 18), January 31, 1964.

Robin Williams: Live on Broadway (2002) (TV)

Movie: Under the Volcano (1984)

TV logos

House of Anubis

Channel 5 "Big Brother" series

Vin Diesel



Roberts, Julia   Snake

Ward, Gemma   All seeing eye symbol
Religion [Luciferian symbols]

Gold pectoral cross worn by John XXIII with 'eye and triangle'.

Catholic church in Poland

Stained Glass Window in The White House Chapel Washington
"One Nation Under God" Notice George Washington on bended knee before the Great Seal

Catholic church in Zamosciu, Poland

Masonic triangle and Horus eye in a Catholic church

Triangle and Horus eye in Vilnius

Triangle and Horus eye on Orthodox altar

all-seeing eye of Horus, in a Catholic church. Coming out of the sun.

Piazza del Popolo in Rome

painted on the ceiling of the Orthodox Cathedral of Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Eye of Horus on lintel of The Church of Anunciation in Nazareth

Eye of Horus over altar in the Church of Anunciation in Nazareth

front door of the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros

The eye of Osiris in a sexigesimal triangle on a Roman Catholic confessional in Milano, Italy.

The all-seeing eye in the triangle shown on a wall in a Catholic cathedral.

evil eye of Osiris is found on this Roman Catholic pulpit in Paris, France.

Here we see the evil eye watching worshipers perched high above from the apex of the dome in the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

The Pagan eye of Osiris is found on this pendant that is used by a Roman Catholic youth group in the Philippines.

Pentagram   Sun Triangle  Pentagram  Snake
Mormon  [Mormon]

 Salt Lake Temple.


Church History Museum across west temple street in Salt Lake City. It was built in the mid 1980's.
Authors and book covers

The frontispiece of The History of the World by Sir Walter Raleigh, published in 1614, is on display in the Tower of London. Thousands file past it every day, missing the Satanic Baphomet goat’s head hidden in its design and other coded messages.

King, Stephen

Comics  [Comic books]

Building/garden design

Israel Supreme Court

Parc de Bruxelles

Illuminati Pyramid in Blagnac, France

St. Andrew Sq., Edinburgh

GCHQ Albert G. Mackey, A Manual of the Lodge (New York: Charles E. Merrill Company, 1870): 56: “The point within the circle is an interesting and important symbol in Freemasonry...the symbol is really a beautiful but somewhat abstruse allusion to the old sun-worship, and introduces us for the first time to that modification of it, among the ancients as the worship of the phallus."

The 2008 Beijing stadium called the "birds nest":

Campbell, Naomi new Eco house in Turkey

Century City
Hampton Court, the home of King Henry VIII.

United States Capitol


Germany's Supreme Court at Karlsruhe



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