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Iluminati Bankers Organized the English Revolution

Left, Zionist go-fer Oliver Cromwell

"It was fated that England should be the first of a series of Revolutions, which is not yet finished."
With these cryptic words, Isaac Disraeli, father of Benjamin Earl of Beaconsfield, commenced his two-volume life of Charles I, published in 1851.
The origin of the modern world and the New World Order can be traced to the English Revolution 1641-1660 and consequently the "Glorious Revolution" of 1688, when the Illuminati Jewish bankers established a foothold in England and made it their instrument for world domination.

by A.M. Ramsay
(from his book, "The Nameless War" 1952)

Isaac Disraeli's "Life of Charles I" (1851) is a work of astonishing detail and insight, based on information obtained from the records of one Melchior de Salom, French envoy in England during that period.
The scene opens with distant glimpses of the British Kingdom based upon Christianity, and its own ancient traditions; these sanctions binding Monarchy, Church, State, nobles and the people in one solemn bond on the one hand; on the other hand, the ominous rumblings of Calvinism.
Calvin, who came to Geneva from France, where his name was spelled Cauin, (possibly a French effort to spell Cohen) organized great numbers of revolutionary orators, not a few of whom were inflicted upon England and Scotland. Thus, was laid the groundwork for revolution under a cloak of religious fervour.
On both sides of the Tweed, these demagogues contracted all religion into rigid observance of the "Sabbath." To use the words of Isaac Disraeli, "the nation was artfully divided into Sabbatarians and Sabbath breakers."
"Calvin," states Disraeli, "deemed the Sabbath to have been a Jewish ordinance, limited to the sacred people."
He goes on to say that when these Calvinists held the country in their power, "it seemed that religion chiefly consisted of Sabbatarian rigours; and that a British senate had been transformed into a company of Hebrew Rabbins": and later "In 1650, after the  execution of the King, an Act was passed inflicting penalties for a breach of the Sabbath."

Illuminati: Bill Clinton's Rockefeller Origins Explored

Bill Clinton was born on August 19, 1946.


Because Bill Clinton was born in Arkansas, and he became the governor of the state of Arkansas,most people who think him to be an illegitimate son of a Rockefeller tend to assume that it was Winthrop who fathered him. But Bill Clinton was most likely conceived in Chicago, where the Rockefeller's had built the   University of Chicago. Not for nothing but if you...

...take away Winthrop's beard it becomes clear that he is not likely to be Bill's daddy-o. Does that mean that Bill C. isn't a Rockefeller? Well...we all know that little boys from Arkansas just don't grow up to be president of the Fed's "work makes free" plantation so...Bill had to have some high-level connection going for him. Maybe it just wasn't Winthrop. Maybe it was a different Rockefeller and baby Bill was just dropped at his door to muddy the waters of Bill's real dad. The Rockefeller family certainly would be able to guide an illegitimate offspring to the oval office...So which Rockefeller could have sired Bill? Any one of the Rockefellers could have. They were criss-crossing the country. Let's see if we can find Bill's pop among the Rockefeller men.