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The Illuminati and Reptilian Hybrids

The Illuminati and Reptilian Hybrids

We are the Illuminati Bloodlines (also known as the Secret Government, the New World Order, the NWO, Blue Bloods, the Royal Families of Earth, etc.). We are a large secret society network that controls planet Earth and have existed for about 6,000 years.

Our logo/symbol is on the United States dollar bill ($1), it is a pyramid with an eye that has Reptilian-like wrinkled skin around it. We were genetically created in Sumer or Sumeria; which then became Babylon, by the Lemurian surviving Draconian Reptilians who live secluded in the inner Earth; which is hollow, by mixing their own Reptilian genetics with the Lyraen/human Caucasian genetics of those who colonized Sumeria from the planet Mars.

We are hybrids of human and Reptilian genetics, and those of us who have the direct 50/50 split between both genetics; have the ability to shapeshift between either our human or Reptilian form. This is because Reptilian and Mammalian genetics are not compatible with each other, so when you mix them together the being takes on the physical characteristics of whichever genetics are predominant in it's physical body. There are also other factors like the Mind-pattern/Soul-personality.

This hybridization project took several generations for the Draco to perfect, they consulted the help of the Sirians who are located in the star system of Sirius A. We quickly learned that in order to hold our human form we needed to consume human blood, organs, and/or tissue; preferably that of blonde-haired and blue-eyed Caucasian people, since those genetics are the original Lyraen/human genetics which go way back to the star system of Lyrae; the original home to all human life in the galaxy. We became known as Blue Bloods because we have a copper-based blood. When copper-based blood oxidizes, it has a blue-ish/green color, thats where the term Blue Blood comes from and is still used to describe us royalty and the elite of society.