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Illuminati Infiltrates Catholic Church

Eye of Horus on lintel of The Church of 
Anunciation in Nazareth
Eye of Horus on lintel of
The Church of Anunciation in Nazareth
A priority for me on our Omega Times tour of Israel was to check out a story I had heard regarding the altar of the Church of the Anunciation in Nazareth, the Galilean town where Jesus grew up. I had been told that the Eye of Horus, the allseeing eye of the Illuminati, was displayed over the altar of this church!
On arriving there with The Omega Times tour group a few short weeks ago, I found very quickly that not only was this the case, but was shocked to find the same Egyptian/Babylonian symbol displayed over the lintel at the main entrance of the church as well. This then was no accident of chance, but a purposeful design with a message in mind.
This is absolute evidence that the Catholic Church has indeed been infiltrated by the Illuminati and its Masonic and mystery Babylon fellow travellers.
Close up view of the Eye of Horus over<br />altar in the Church of Anunciation in Nazareth
Close up view of the Eye of Horus
over altar in the Church of
Anunciation in Nazareth
Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit Priest and the founder of the Illuminati in 1776, formed a plan to dissolve all differences of belief that would eventually have the result of taking over the papacy and placing an agent of its own in the chair of Peter.
This occultic influence of satanic power was to be symbolized by a triangle or pyramid, a sign of mystical faith, with the open eye of Lucifer, the eternal watcher of the world. This pagan symbol comes from the Egyptian trinity of Osiris, the sun; Isis, the moon goddess and their child Horus. This pagan trinity then is the worship of Father, Virgin mother, and son.
The success of this infiltration of the Catholic Church is shown by the fact that the all-seing eye overlooked the crowds who gathered for the Philadelphia Eucharistic Congress in 1976, and it appeared on a set of Vatican stamps in 1978! Now it appears at the Nazareth altar above the images of Jesus Himself and the dove, symbolizing the Holy Spirit.
The origins of this Jesuit-led treachery go right back to Ignatius Loyola, who was the founder of the Jesuit order. He belonged to the "Los Alumbrados", an Illuminati-styled witchcraft group. (see Encyclopaedia Britannica Vol 14, 1910, pg 320.)
Incidentally, the Jesuits have their own "Black Pope," the current incumbent being Count Hans Kolvenbach.
The planned takeover mentioned above regarding the Papacy is not future. It has already happened! After 200 years, the Illuminists of the New World Order finally achieved their objective, by installing their own illuminist as Supreme Pontiff. This happened when Pope Paul VI came to power. With the installation of Paul VI, the stage was set to promote the new World Order’s holy grail of One World Religion. The Illuminati plan to eliminate differences of religious belief by the leading of a Pontiff was first seen when Pope Paul VI went to the meditation room of the UN and undertook an occultic initiation ritual in the place where the all-seeing eye is represented by the 6 world faiths – Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Confucianism and Christianity.
UN Meditation Room
UN Meditation Room
The bulletin recording the meaning and the purpose of the UN meditation room was printed by the Lucis Trust, which was established as the Lucifer Trust by the occultists Alice Bailey and Blavatsky in 1922 to disseminate occult books, but changed its name the next year to avoid showing its true nature. This is now the publishing house located in the UN building which disseminates UN publications!
Following the Meditation room incident, Pope Paul VI took a broken cross and held it up to be revered by the people, who had no idea this was used by Satanists as far back as the 6th century, and by black magicians and sorcerers in the Middle Ages as a sign of the Mark of the Beast! (The two John Paul’s who followed him in the Papacy also did the same thing.) Then he appeared at Yankee Stadium wearing the same styled Ephod as worn by Caiphas who called for the crucifixion of Christ.
View of altar at Church of Anunciation
On his return to Rome, he said that Rome was ready to take a new look at secret societies. As a result, on November 27, 1983, the new Pope, John Paul II, issued a Papal Bull which legalized secret society membership for Roman Catholics. Then in 1986, at the celebrations held to honour St Francis of Assisi, the screw tightened further. The Pope participated in a multireligious prayer for world peace which emphasized unity of all world religions.
People were shocked to see the Pontiff share a platform with a Tibetan Lama, a Native American medicine man, A Jewish Rabbi, a Hindu swami and a Maori high priest. This literal opening of a religious Pandora’s Box now led to the next step in the Illuminist plan where in a seminar in Boston in 1990, the Director of the Theosophical Society boldly called for a New World Order religion to be implemented by the means of the Pope traveling to Jerusalem to convene a Global religious Conference, at which he would be free to announce that all the world’s religions would be one.
The Church of the Anunciation in Nazareth
The Church of the Anunciation in Nazareth
The Papacy and the Catholic Church are now compromised and controlled by the proponents of the New World Order – led wittingly or unwittingly by the adversary of all mankind who Jesus spoke of when instructing us how to deal with him by saying "resist the devil and he will flee." This puppet church is now in the hands of the satanic puppeteer, who will continue to pull the strings that will draw them, or at least its leader, into the role of heading up the Antichrist’s One World church.

Grateful thanks to Pastor Geoffrey Cann of Young, N.S.W.
for supplying internal photographs of the Church of Annunciation.
By Allan Rasmussen

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