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2012 -The Mystery-Illuminati

Whenever conspiracy in world government is discussed, the mysterious "Illuminati" or "the enlightened ones" are most often pointed as being involved. While some people don't believe that the Illuminati are involved, a shadow of secret is always attached to the name "Illuminati". The group had existed for 225 years yet no one had succeeded to discover their secrets.
The documented facts about Illuminati is that on May 1, 1776, Dr. Adam Weishaupt, a professor of Canon Law at Ingolstadt University and a former Jesuit, formed a secret society called the Order of the Illuminati within the existing Masonic lodges of Germany. He wrote his philosophy of Illuminism, which calls for a one-world government and religion that controls the population. It outlined that private property was to be abolished and that its master plan was to be carried out in secret.
The Free Masons is another secret society that still exists throughout the world. The origin of freemasonry is also not documented but some trace it back to biblical times. Others place it in England because of the Free Masons' formal establishment of various lodges there in medieval times. The society is believed to have a set of beliefs linked to the ancient religions of Egypt and Greece. With this history and the association of Knights Templar, an inner circle of Free Masons developed.
The Knights Templar is a secret society formed approximately in 1119 AD during the time of the crusades. They are a handful of European knights that were supposedly assigned to protect European travelers on their journey to and from the Middle East. The Knights Templar became powerful that they were able to accumulate a vast amount of wealth. They were the first people who established the first international banking system. When King Philip IV of France influenced the Pope against the Knights Templar, the Catholic Church put an end to the secret society. The survivors were believed to have joined other societies such as the Free Masons.
Together, the Illuminati's, the Knights Templar and the Freemasons joined together. The three societies have one thing in common, to create a New World Order. It is speculated that in the present day, the Illuminati have infiltrated European and U.S. positions of power and are behind the scenes influencing policies and world events. The Order of Skull & Bones, a secret society based at Yale, is believed to be an American extension of the Illuminati. Members of the order include Averill Harriman, Prescott Bush, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and John Kerry. And now there are many speculations that the current US president is involved as well.
The idea of the conspiracy called the New World Order is total population control, one world government, currency, religion, and language. The conspiracy is believed to be religious in nature, a plan to usher in the antichrist. Interestingly, the book of revelations speaks of the antichrist, his one-world government and one-world religion. Events that could possibly lead up to a conclusion such as this is the act by the United Nations or some other global establishment to force control over many nations.
It is hard to believe that there is an existing secret organization plotting for more than 200 years to control the world - and that the Free Masons are somehow a part of it. Whether the debate is true or not, this ancient bloodline of Illuminati dynasty is extremely interesting.

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