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2012 and Chemtrails

As the world counts down to 2012, the year prophesied by ancient Mayas and others as the one that will bring an end to our present age and the beginning of a new one -- if not the end of the world itself -- people are worried about what the global elites may have in store for us.
Their plans could involve the further use of chemtrails.
Have you heard of chemtrails? They are those long, dense clouds streaking the skies, supposedly laid there by jet planes spewing some kind of mystery substance over our cities, towns and countrysides. They are not the normal contrails that jets leave in their wake; these are thicker and disperse more slowly to gradually cover entire sections of the sky.
There are websites devoted to photographs of chemtrails and discussions as to what they may be. Some people say they contain chemicals designed to weaken people's immune systems or cause illnesses that ultimately will cause many premature deaths.
Why would governments do this? If you believe some of the 2012 doomsday predictions, there is a secret cabal (the Illuminati, perhaps) working to set up a global dictatorship. A major part of their conspiracy is a plan to drastically reduce the population of the world, because it's easier to rule millions of people than it is to rule billions.
The countdown to 2012 is well under way, and, as the story goes, this global elite is desperate to get its depopulation efforts started in earnest. And so they start wars, induce famines, fund development of devastating diseases such as AIDS, put toxins in our drinking water... and spray deadly chemicals into our skies.
Are chemtrails real or a figment of overworked imaginations? Certainly, the skies over much of the world's landmasses are not as clear as they used to be. Furthermore, you can often see the jets at work, flying back and forth, crisscrossing their own paths many times to lay down a grid of... what?
Something is going on up there. We, the world's people, need to know exactly what it is. Until we do, we can't be blamed for thinking chemtrails may be a part of a sinister plot to create the conditions -- such as a much reduced population -- necessary for ushering in the dictatorship that has been predicted to arrive in 2012.

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