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Where are Free Masons in USA

How do you study the Masons? Well you can look up their culture, their secrets or you can examine how they fall on a map. And the internet can help us do that.
A search for 'Free masons' on a map search site for the USA reveals most activity on the North East side where the English first settled, the states of Vancouver, Connecticut, Indianapolis, Massachusetts, and New York State. The only state mentioned on the West side is California.
A search for Washington reveals the House of the Temple or the Supreme Council twice. Mostly what comes up are various lodges around DC.
In New York the lodges are rather sparse and further apart-centering on Jersey City. Zooming out we find attention going to the Connecticut and Washington lodges instead-the New York lodges are probably quite tiny. Zooming out further we find out that there is a lodge of Chinese Free masons in Montreal. The center now seems to be Massachusetts-maybe they have a lot of smaller lodges so the results do not show up immediately. And zooming out as far as we can go and we can see the only sites that really matter are London and the East side of America.
When you compare it to another country that the British mainly migrated to-Australia-we find that Free masonry seems to be found in nearly all cities in Australia, so it spread out much more than the US.
Strangely the term 'masonic ritual' is more widespread, as if the legend of free masonry is larger than its practice. We have new references in Colorado, Oklahoma and Ohio. The area around Florida seems to be empty of Free masons, as does Idaho, Utah and Arizona. The search term 'masonic conspiracy' seems to center around Ohio, weirdly around a slot machine with the same name, so maybe the legend has outgrown the facts.

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