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Freemason: George Washington

In early America's warring history, the preservation of life was a driving enticement that enabled Freemasonry to rapidly grow during our Revolutionary War of Independence. A soldier had a much higher chance of returning home alive if he joined a Masonic military Lodge. It was during the Revolutionary War that our first President, George Washington, pushed for the creation of military Lodges for our soldiers. He created eleven of these Lodges; the most famous one is the American Union Lodge, number one.
By the time we had won the Revolutionary war, Freemasons had obtained and held every dominant position that militarily protected or politically governed this young nation of ours. A 1951 Masonic edition of the Holy Bible confirms that twenty-four of Washington's major generals were Masons, as well as thirty of his thirty-three brigadier generals. And of the 56 original signers of the Declaration of Independence, 53 were Master Masons in Freemasonry. It is a fact that there is plenty of evidence that indicates that we won the Revolution because American, French and British Masons brothers did not want to fight each other.
After the war, Masonic partiality helped pave the road to the White House. George Washington was elected as the first President of the United States as we all know. His Vice President was also a Freemason, John Adams. John Adams was the founder of several Masonic Lodges in New England. John Adams's son was President John Quincy Adams, who for twenty years after his presidency played a very important role in the anti-Masonic Movement, oddly enough.
Masonic involvement continued to prevail at George Washington's inauguration. Robert Livingston, who was the Grand Master of New York's Grand Lodge, administered the Oath of Office to our first President. Freemason General Jacob Morton was the Marshal of the day. Washington was escorted by Freemason General Morgan Lewis. St. John's Lodge No. 1 of New York provided the Bible used for the oath of office, which was of course, a Masonic Edition Bible.
George Washington announced that he would not seek a third term as President towards the end of his Second term. At this time, the President received a letter from Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania that congratulated him for his many years public and Masonic service. Washington's response shows his dedication to the Order and his hopes for its future:
"Fellow citizens and brothers...I have received your address with all Brotherly affection... [T]o have been, in any degree, an instrument in the hands of Providence to promote orders and union, and erect upon a solid foundation, the true principles of government, is only to have shared with many others in a labor, the result of which, let us hope, will prove through all ages a sanctuary for Brothers, and a lodge for the virtues... Permit me to reciprocate your prayers, and to supplicate that we all may meet thereafter in the eternal."
George Washington was a fervent supporter of his Masonic ideals until his death. But this did not mean that he was blind to its faults. In the year before his death, he had begun receiving reports that a European secret society called, 'The Illuminati' had begun infiltrating American Masonic Lodges. It was felt that they had intention of subverting our fledgling government to use it for it's own agenda. They were said to have been conspiring to coerce all governments of the world to unite under a one-world federation. What we now know as a One World Government or a New World Order. Some people say that this plan is still in tact to this day.

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