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Should You Join the Illuminati?

Reasons to consider joining the Illuminati rather than demonizing them. They might be good guys with an evil reputation.

Whenever articles have been written about secret societies and conspiracies about world domination, the Illuminati name would surface and what would be written about them would imply they were the Evil Overlords. One began to get the feeling they were a secret "them," or "they," the true rulers of the world. They sound like pretty scary people right? Far less was known about them than the Order of the Freemasons who were thought to be a more public arm of the Illuminati. One always had mental visions of them in secret locations in hooded robes, chanting evil chants and maybe even having the occasional human sacrifice event, rather like the secret society version of a barbecue. The visions of what the Illuminati did in secret were limited only by the imagination.

One definitely thought that surely all of them were rich and powerful, movers and shakers and power brokers in the world. Some probably are, but like Freemasons and other groups, the social standing of the members can vary widely. It is not always so that the rich ones pull the less rich ones up to higher levels. I am sure some networking goes on. It is human nature for those who know one another to give each other first crack at business deals, jobs, investment opportunities and that sort of thing. However I doubt seriously that any group's members all walk in lockstep regarding mutual goals. That goes against human nature. The idea there is some secret group organizing its members worldwide to move in concert to accomplish goals on some hidden timetable is a bit hard to swallow. I am not ruling it out, I am just saying I find it more improbable the older I get.

What are the Illuminati?

Adam Weishaupt and a German Freemason, Baron Adolph von Knigge, founded the Illuminati. This was officially the Bavarian Illuminati. Yes, among their plans was a desire to overthrow the Roman Catholic Church, defeat all governments and one-day rule the world. It sounds pretty evil. But it was a response to times where church domination was an evil in and of itself, and most governments were pretty oppressive. Adam Weishaupt deplored bigotry, and the backward beliefs of the clergy of his day. The 1770s, May 1, 1776 to be exact was when he officially launched the Illuminati. The Illuminati hoped to create cells of enlightened and illuminated men who would spread themselves throughout the world seeking positions of power and try to help spread the ideas of the "enlightenment period." Their intermingling with Freemasonry is what made the Catholic Church think of these secret societies as their number one enemies, and papist propaganda may have been a lot of the reason they got the evil reputation. They were demonized by the ruling elite of the time.

Why Join the Illuminati?

If you are inclined to like to associate yourself with traditions, organizations with a long and colorful history, and want to do some good in the world, this could be for you! I do not know if the modern day Illuminati groups have similar ranking systems to the Freemasons or not but more than likely they do, I would be disappointed if they did not. I would like to revel in it all and wear a pyramid with an eye in the center on my head...just for the fun of it. I know that some people link the Illuminati to Satanic groups. I am not seeing that in my research. Satanic groups have an entirely different feel to them, and different goals. Not much altruism in these groups. The Illuminati like the Freemasons seem to be about altruism and enlightenment, pushing back repression and superstition wherever it still exists.


The main risk would be getting mixed up with dangerous people. You could also risk being ridiculed by family or friends, but then they need not know, that is part of the reason for secrecy in any endeavor. Finding a genuine Illuminati organization can be tricky. If they want money, especially a lot of money to join I would write them off.
There are many Illuminati organization websites on the Net. Here is one that seems to be sincere.

You just have to let your gut be your guide. Do your own web searches for Illuminati branches. Read up on the claims for how evil they are, as some of them may be right. But also give the groups that sound sincere a fair shake. Remember why secret societies were born in secret, to be too open with new ideas could be a death sentence and even today, some ideas are best kept hidden until the average person can handle explosive information.
There is risk in everything and even a well-established fraternal organization can get branches that go off the ranch and get into activities that are really weird and dangerous. So always beware when joining any kind of group, even a church, as a lot of them have some major bad apples in their barrels. But, if you do your research, always keep your head on straight; know what your values are so you can't be pulled into any cults unawares. Why not join the Illuminati or the Freemasons. It could be fun and you could do some good in the world. Don't always believe what you hear. The Old Saying goes: "Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see." So do not believe every rumor you hear regarding secret societies and fraternities. Do not fall for anything that goes against who you are, but do not be deterred by rumors. Do your own research and check things out for yourself.

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