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The Kennedys vs. The Illuminati

There are many reasons as to why the Fed wanted JFK dead, not the least was the battle over the CIA. Kennedy admitted that he had made a mistake by not making his brother Bobby director of the agency after he had fired Allen Dulles. Kennedy is on record as saying that he had wanted to break the CIA into a thousand pieces. Why did Kennedy have so much animosity towards the agency? Of course, the Bay of Pigs comes to mind but it was much deeper than that. Remember, Kennedy's mistress Mary Pinchot Meyer was the ex-wife of a top spook. She was privy to a whole bunch of shit that the CIA had done. More importantly, she had more of an inkling into what the OSS was really up to during World War II. Remember, the Shabbatean-Frankists control BOTH sides of a conflict. If Bobby would have made it to the CIA directorship, he would have had access to the "crown jewels", the dirty laundry of both the OSS and the CIA. You don't really think that Hitler was running the Nazi war machine? He was getting his orders from Washington and London via an elaborate spy network. Neutral Switzerland was the hub of the network. Oddly, enough that was where Allen Dulles and S.G. Warburg spent the war. That is why you hear about double agents and triple agents. Information was flowing freely between the Axis and the Allies only that had to make it look good to those out of the loop. It's really pretty simple really. Anyway, if the Kennedy's would have been able to get their hands on the dirt of Western Intelligence, they could have blackmailed the Illuminati for a thousand years. They could have set up a Kennedy dynasty without a problem...but that, of course, was never going to happen. Even the Kennedy's had no idea of how vast and powerful their enemies were. Even until today, they are not even aware that the ramming of PT-109 was a deliberate attempt by the Illuminati on the life of JFK. They tried to kill him before he entered U.S. politics. They knew Joe Kennedy was out to grab control of the U.S. he learned about the Illuminati on the golf course with Neville Chamberlain while Kennedy was the U.S. ambassador to London. The Illuminati did manage to murder JFK's older brother, Joe Jr., in the skies over Europe. Remember, the Illuminati control BOTH sides of the conflict. One whisper to the Japanese ambassador to Washington and he is on the phone to Tokyo ordering the ramming of a particular PT-boat sailing at particular coordinates within the Pacific theatre.

It reminds me of the time the Nazi's arrested and brutally murdered the bitter ex-wife of one of the Rothschilds. She was kicking and screaming that she wasn't even Jewish! But...orders were orders. She had the nerve to shed the Rothschild name after her divorce. That sort of behavior was an insult to the highest authorities and was dealt with in Rothschild fashion.

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