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Illuminati: Was FDR & the Presidents Bush Crypto-Jews?

by Cliff Shack
I believe that there is a deeper level of understanding that begs our attention and contemplation with regard to the relationship of FDR, Prescott Bush and the rest of the Illuminati gang. To understand this relationship, you’ve got to go back in history, well beyond 1933.
The core of the ruling “Illuminati” are, IMHO, descendants of Jews and Crypto-Jews who were believers in the messiahship of Shabbatai Tzvi- the mystic considered by history to have been a dismal failure after he consented to convert to Islam rather than face death at the hand of the ruling Ottoman Sultan; whose crown he desired to remove so that he may have become, like James Cameron, “King of the World”!
While most Jews have categorically rejected Shabbatai Tzvi, there was a widespread, but hidden group whose faith became stronger due to the apostasy. Shabbatai Tzvi became the welcome hero of the many devout Catholics and Protestants of the 17th century who were actually Crypto-Jews; descendents of Jews who had chosen conversion to expulsion (or worse) in 15th Century Spain.
Since the Spanish and later Portuguese expulsions, many Marranos left the Iberian Peninsula for Northern Europe and the Meditterranean Basin, as gentiles. Some landed in England, which didn’t allow entry to Jews at the time. These Crypto-Jews would become the bedrock of English aristocracy and royalty. The “Saxe” in Gotha-Saxe-Coburg (now Windsor) is Spanish Jewish in origin. Some landed in the Netherlands where in many instances crypto-Jews were rejected by the Jewish communities when they attempted to re-enter the Jewish fold. Others did succeed like the families of Spinoza and Menashe ben Israel.
Though not quite Jewish or Gentile, the crypto-Jews managed to develop a hidden culture of their own. What they lacked was a hero and a home. The hero would arrive in the personage of the mystical messiah, Shabbatai Tzvi. The home, for many would be the The New World “discovered” by Christopher Columbus, perhaps a crypto-Jew himself. Just how many crypto-Jews crossed the Atlantic on the Santa Maria or immigrant ships like the Mayflower? Who can say? But cross they did.
Which brings us to Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Prescott Bush. Both, coincidently descend from ancestors who lived in the city of Leyden, The Netherlands. The same city where the Pilgrims lived before their Mayflower voyage. Was Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s ancestor, Philippe De La Noye (1602-1681), a crypto-Jew? Possibly. Perhaps likely. It is known that he lived during the time of Shabbatai Tzvi. [De La Noye had children with customary biblical names. One child of particular interest was a girl with the name of Esther (the patron saint of crypto-Jews). Queen Esther was the Jewish heroine that concealed her religious identity in a successful effort to save the Jews within the Persian Empire from genocide. An annihilation that was to take place on one single day. The drama is kown as the story of Purim. Esther’s son would come to rule the known world. That was accomplished with one strategically placed crypto-Jew.
Crypto-Jews would form Freemasonry in England in 1717. Based on the Seven biblical laws of Noah, Freemasonry allowed the crypto-Jewish “believers” of Shabbatai Tzvi to finally remove the crown from the Sultan and reign over the world in the names of the God of Shabbatai Tzvi. The “Marrano” or “Pig” would re-emerge on the world stage as princes of the world. The feelings of guilt and inadequacy gone forever.
One hundred years after the death of Shabbatai Tzvi, Freemasonry, with an inner core referred to as The Illuminati, with the aid of Jacob Frank, a militant Shabbatean convert to Catholicism and Rothschild mentor, would launch the “American” Revolution. Three years later they would bring about the French Revolution and soon thereafter the Napoleonic takeover of Europe. Napoleon, I suspect, was a descendant , like FDR and the Bushs, of Masonic crypto-Jews and puppet of the Illuminati.
By 1830, Philippe De La Noye’s descendant-- Warren Delano (FDR’s maternal grandfather) was shipping Shabbatean (Rothschild/Sassoon) Opium to China. The Sabbatian opium trade was the source of FDR’s wealth. Warren Delano was also named after the little-known Mayflower passenger Richard Warren, an ancestor of Prescott Bush. Was he a Crypto-Jew? Maybe.

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