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How Illuminati Recruit & Network

How Illuminati Recruit & Network

Although students join fraternities like Alfa Elpison Pi with the vague sense they are networking,
they don’t know they are joining a Luciferian organization.

by Henry Makow Ph.D

What do Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and CNN’s Wolf Blitzer have in common? How aboutChicago Tribune owner Sam Zell, and pop singers Simon and Garfunkle?

At university, they were all members of the Jewish college fraternity Alfa Elpison Pi. It has 10,000 members in 155 chapters in the US, Canada, the UK and Israel. Apparently some non-Jews who espouse its “purpose and values” are admitted.

Affiliated with the B’nai Brith, this fraternity is one way Jews get recruited by Freemasonry and get a shot at the inside track in the New World Order.

At some campuses, 50% of Jewish students join Jewish fraternities and make up that proportion of fraternities in general.

Although most students join with the vague sense they are networking, they have no idea they are joining a Luciferian organization secretly dedicated to enslaving mankind spiritually and physically according to the plan set out in “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” They are gulled by the empty talk of a campus “brotherhood” and serving the Jewish community.

But the coat of arms of the fraternity is a clue to its real occult (i.e. satanic) designs.

At my request, Texe Marrs has kindly deciphered the emblem.

1) The skull on the book (no doubt a Holy book,) implies a faith in death and mortality, but it is counterbalanced at right by the diamond (lozenge shaped icon) which is the hope and promise of immortal life (esoterically, the diamond is the phallus, sign of the generative power.)

2) The fleur de lis at left is symbol of royalty–and has an esoteric sexual meaning as well. It is known as Satan’s flower.

3) The six-pointed star on the Menorah symbolizes the completion of the Jewish mission, which is to consummate their hoped for Kingdom and sovereignty over all. We have in the star six triangles, six points, and six lines (in the internal hexagan at center). Thus, 666.
(4) The “Aladdin’s” lamp connotes light and knowledge–esoteric, divine wisdom.

The rampant lion is also symbol of royalty and particularly of the Tribe of Judah. The triangles, with blue background, sign of the four corners of the world, or universe.

Pretty weird for an organization dedicated to Jewish brotherhood and service, wouldn’t you say?

According to a B’nai Brith article,

“To join fraternities like AEPi, students must first go through initiation, which varies by chapter. This involves secretive rituals dating back to a fraternity’s founding, which are celebrated at the start of every school semester. They are then required to pay an initiation fee of $425. Chapter fees vary each semester after that depending on the events held by each individual chapter and range between $275 and $750 a year.”

“Once members become alumnae upon university graduation, they don’t have to pay a cent and they’ll still have their lifetime membership. Most importantly, they’ll maintain friendships with people they regard as family.”

People joining this or any fraternity should not expect to do a deal with the devil on the first day. This is a subtle process of indoctrination and sifting lasting many years. Most will have to join the Bnai Brith.

Over a long period of time, people willing to sacrifice any shred of decency will be identified and promoted. By this time, Evil in the service of the Luciferian NWO will appear Good.


Society was naive to think it could reject God without embracing Satan. They are like light and darkness. Remove the light and you will have darkness. (I define God in terms of spiritual absolutes like Truth, Love, Goodness & Beauty.)

Society was naive to think that those advocating “secularism” and the separating of church and state did not have a hidden agenda. They were Satanists and their dupes.

We become what we worship (obey.) Increasingly society resembles a satanic cult and people are degenerating into demons. Freemasonry, with its recruitment centers at college fraternities and sororities, Jewish and non-Jewish, plays a key role in this process of decline.

Harold Rosenthal said most Jews don’t know it but “our God is Lucifer.”
Jews don’t know that the secret goal of organized (Cabalist) Jewry is to overturn the spiritual and natural design, (i.e. revolution.”) The aim is to turn reality on its head, and make what is unhealthy and dysfunctional seem healthy and natural (i.e. homosexuality, now promoted to children in our schools.)

They would replace God with Lucifer who represents them and their defiance of God. (This conclusion is based on what they do, not what they say.)

This Luciferian paradigm is ingrained in many Jews and is the real cause of anti-Semitism. It is the true meaning of “progress” and “progressive.” It doesn’t matter that this age-old Satanic rebellion has almost succeeded; ultimately it will lead to ruin.

But if you’re a student, Jewish or not, and want to sell your soul and your community for personal gain, you now know how.

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