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Does The Illuminati Have Jewish Origins?

By Clifford Shack
Is the llluminati Jewish?

The term "Jewish" comes from the word "Yehudi". A "Yehudi" was a member of the tribe of
"Yehuda" or "Judah". "Judah", was one of the twelve sons of Jacob.

When ten of the twelve tribes of Jacob (Israel) were carried away after a foreign invasion, the tribes
of Judah,Benjamin and Levi were left alone. Since Judah was the larger of the three tribes,
eventually, over time, as the tribes intermarried, all three tribes blended into one. Levi was somewhat
of an exception as they maintain a separate identity to this day. In fact, there are two divisions within
the tribe of Levi. Levi and Kohain. Kohains are the decendents of one particular Levite- Aaron, the
brother of Moses.

The captured tribes are known as the "Lost Tribes".

Some traditions say that they perished. Some traditions,however maintain that the descendants of the
lost tribes remained identified with their heritage and somehow survived the ages, though somewhat
morphed by time and traditions.

This is as far-fetched as it is plausible.

It is well known that "Jews" have shown themselves capable of maintaining hidden dual identities.

It would not have been economical for any invader to kill off their captives. Captive slaves were the
finest booty. Perhaps the older captives both male and female were killed off. But the younger
woman and children should have been considered prizes to any conquering nation.

The captors, however, had no idea of the secret resolve of their captives- to maintain their identities.

There are some who say that the various nations of Europe are the descendants of the "lost tribes".
Considering the nature and history of the "Jewish" people. ..this is plausible. I would be hard-pressed
to dismiss the idea out-of-hand.

Though denied the Five Books of Moses, cells of the remnants captives would still be able to cling to
the Noachide code.

Those that were separated from their "Israelite" traditions and teachings would have been able to live
their lives according to the noble and mystical Noachide traditions. After all, those ancient teachings
preceded the exodus from Egypt.

I would not be surprised if Freemasonry was founded to unite the members of the lost tribes scattered

throughout Europe. A brotherhood united upon principles and teachings based on the ancient
traditions which pre-date Sinai. The Masonic movement was indeed based on the ancient Noachide
Code. The Code promoted as laws fit for mankind.

Freemasonry was established in England in 1717 (Two hundred years after the Spanish expulsion.
Less than 4o years after Jews were officially permitted back into England by Oliver Cromwell). Were
the original Guilds of Masons infiltrated by crypto- Jews for the purpose of re-uniting all the remnants
of the tribes of Israel-both overt and covert?

Suffice it to say that the "Jews" to watch.... may not always appear to be "Jewish". In fact, the people
that you would least expect to be Jewish, may very well be. A people capable of blending in over
time yet still maintain a hidden allegiance cannot be watched. They are invisible.

This knowledge was not lost on a man who claimed to be the Jewish Messiah, Sabbatai Zvi. About
the same time in history as the establishment of Freemasonry, he and his followers gained
considerable strength when they went underground. Did his followers infiltrate Freemasonry? Are his
followers those that are referred to as the Illuminati?


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