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Illuminati and The occult symbols

Occult images found in Tenerife

Skull and bones in a church in Icod
Masonic checkerboard in painting in a church in Puerto
Fish, lamp and sun symbol in a church in Vilaflor
The Sun in a church in Puerto de la Cruz
Monoliths in Parque García Sanabria
Mermen on a door in Icod town centre
Pyramids on the Martianez shopping centre in Puerto de la Cruz
Signs of the zodiac on display in Parque García Sanabria
Virgin and baby Jesus or Isis and Horus?
Back of a Tenerife bus

Illuminati and Masonic symbolism is all around

You don't have to go or look far to find occult symbols and symbolism as used by the Illuminati and by Freemasons and other occult practitioners. Architecture and even the design of cities make use of esoteric and astrological symbolism, and corporate logos of businesses do too, however, most people are not aware of this.

It is as if we live in a world designed and manipulated by occultists or sorcerers, who display their magical symbols all around knowing that the majority of people don't have any knowledge of what is going on.

New World Order

Once you start to learn about the symbols and imagery used it is likely you will find and see more and more examples all around and often it will make you wonder exactly what is going on. You may start to see the world in a different way when you realise just how common this use of occult symbolism actually is. The all-seeing eye in a pyramid, seen in the American dollar bill as a symbol of the New World Order, is very often found thinly disguised in logos of companies like AOL for example.

Where I live on the island of Tenerife it appears as if it is mainly Catholics that live here and that Catholicism is the main faith, but looking past the images of Jesus and the Madonna and the various saints it is easy to find occult symbols in artwork and sculptures in churches as well as in public places.

In the Church of San Marcos (Saint Mark) in Icod de los Vinos there is a skull and bones painted amongst other religious imagery. I am sure you have heard of the Skull and Bones secret society, which President Bush is a member of. I shocked a friend when I pointed out this image painted in the local church.

There are pyramids on a shopping centre in Puerto de la Cruz and an obelisk, which is a phallic symbol, in a street in the resort of Los Cristianos. Images of the sun are often found in churches here too.

In Parque García Sanabria in the capital of Tenerife there are sculptures that are very interesting, especially from an occult viewpoint. There are a group of monoliths and an exhibit displaying all the zodiac signs.Why are they in a public park we may ask?

Speaking of the zodiac it is said that we are in the Piscean age so perhaps it is not surprising that there are fish shown in the imagery in a church in the village of Vilaflor. This sort of esoteric symbolism is all over the place and extends into the names of hotels even.

There is a Hotel Semiramis in Puerto de la Cruz too. Semiramis in legend was the daughter of the fish-goddess Atargatis, and was herself connected with the doves of Ishtar or Astartë. She is associated with ancient Babylon.

Again in Icod de los Vinos on a wooden door of a building in a main street we find two mermen. These fish people are an important part of an ancient and occult belief system. It is said that a fish-god brought knowledge to people by day and retired to the sea by night. The extraterrestrial or other-dimensional beings who visited the Dogon tribe in Africa are said to be amphibious. Then of course, there is the fish-shaped headgear the Pope wears to this day. What is all that about?

Even the back of buses on Tenerife carry masonic symbolism including the well-known handshake along with other symbols not so widely known.

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