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Illuminati and Agenda 21

What is Agenda 21?  Agenda 21 is the comprehensive global plan of the Illuminati collective known as the United Nations to take control of land, food, water, cities, and much more through Sustainable Development.

Sustainable Development is a subset of a plan called Smart Growth.  Agenda 21 is the process of corralling the Product [Human Beings] into large cities, packed into high-rise communities where there are no private means of transportation, where you literally live in close proximity of your workplace so that you are easily shuffled into a sweat shop factory where you will simply do any work not manageable by a machine.

Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of the Illuminati New World Order clan with many tentacles¸ each tentacle attempting to further strangle freedom from ALL human beings in the 178 countries whose governments agreed upon this plan in Rio de Janerio, Brazil from the 3rd to the 14th of June 1992.

One tentacle of the Illuminati Agenda 21 plan allows the EPA to illegally grab land from local companies and private property owners.  This tentacle is implemented through Smart Growth which serves to limit where human beings can live.  When a city council passes an outrageous law that demands local businesses and private property owners hand over their land and property to the city, the are implementing Agenda 21.  Through the United Police State of America, we are seeing a slow transfer of regulation and power of transportation by means of government seizures under the Department of Transportation specifically focusing on railroads.  Why? High speed railroads would enable the Illuminati Masters to transport the human chattel quickly from one place to another.  It matters not if a municipality can afford this high speed railroad; it will be pushed through the state legislature regardless of affordability and funded by unwary taxpayers.  This comes under the heading of sustainable development.

What is sustainable development?  Sustainable development is a program that requires the integration of economic, environmental, and social components at all levels.  It is facilitated by continuous dialogue and action in global partnership and focuses on key sustainable development issues.  These key sustainable issues include Social and Economic components such as Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns, Natural Resource Management, Demographics such as Health and Health Settlements, Means of Implementation, and Regional Dimensions such as SIDS, Small Island Developing States.  The program is managed and promoted by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs; Division for Sustainable Development [DSD].

“Well, isn’t that special!” says the Church Lady.  Apparently, those who survive extinction via the Illuminati Chemtrail Cocktails and Poison Control Pharmacies will be herded through the Illuminati Agenda 21 System à UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs à who, though Smart Growth Planning à Implement Sustainable Development à resulting in life without hope or freedom.

Provided above is a simple overview of the Illuminati Agenda 21 New World Order Plan.  Much research has been accomplished in uncovering this massive plan of world dominance, the octopus with innumerable tentacles known as Agenda 21. This Illuminati New World Order plan is all-encompassing and designed to reach every corner of the world and each inhabitant therein.

When it comes to an agenda this large, it is difficult to know where to begin or how to fight it.  However, be aware there are programs in the works at the local level in your respective communities that need your attention and monitoring.

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