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Universal Conspiracies

Messages from the spirit world about alleged, nefarious activities of secret organizations within the United States and other countries show up frequently on the Internet. For just about any disaster or act of aggression that brings suffering to humanity, you will find websites that claim it was covertly instigated by a cabal. The channels who receive these messages and many who read them assume that the source is telling the truth. Yet there never is any evidence to prove these assertions. is an example of sites with messages like this. It claims the terrorist assaults in Mumbai, India were planned by a faction within the CIA (December 21, 08 article, paragraph 26). The website also says, in its August 9, 2004 article, paragraphs 3, 4 and 7, that the George W. Bush seen publicly is a clone of George W. Bush, and that Bush and members of his administration were involved in the 9/11/01 attacks. Further, the site also claims, in its special NESARA edition (August 7, 2003 message), that the purpose of the events of 9/11 was to delay the announcement to the public of NESARA (National Economic Security and Reformation Act). The source of these statements is a spirit claiming to have been the channel's deceased son, Matthew. He says that the aircraft and fuel, by themselves, could not have caused the twin towers to totally collapse. Rather, this was the result of "explosives strategically located and detonated in timely rhythm" (June 5, 2004 article, paragraph 14). He refers to al Qaida as a "phantom enemy" (September 11, 2006 article, paragraph 2).
Conspiracy scenarios that attribute terrorist attacks, epidemics, earthquakes, wars, and crimes against humanity to individuals within governments and corporations, working behind the scenes for an international secret society called the Illuminati, are intended to convince us that a hypothetical enemy, rather than natural causes and known criminal and terrorist organizations, is the real threat to our security. Channels who communicate with spirits on the other side of the veil usually have good intentions, but messages that, without proof, accuse wealthy individuals and world leaders of diabolically sponsoring terrorism or causing disasters as members or agents of the Illuminati create fear and distrust, shift our attention from known to imagined enemies, and lessen support for efforts to combat real terrorist groups.
The matthewbooks site and many other websites claim that, for centuries, members of our government have been allied with the Illuminati, which has controlled public opinion and created wars in order to enrich its members and subjugate the masses. According to these sites, when the Illuminati is exposed and removed from power, its wealth will be equitably redistributed, and provisions of NESARA calling for major changes in our economic and banking systems will be implemented.
Of course, reform is urgently needed, but it is difficult to know if NESARA was actually enacted. Sometimes evil spirits mix truth and falsehood together or distort facts in order to mislead us. In general, one should be wary of unsubstantiated allegations by invisible beings unless one has the ability - through developed intuition and wisdom - to discern if they are true. The spirit world is full of beings - enlightened, demonic, and everything in between - some of them pretending to be loving and benevolent but wishing to deceive us. It's prudent to be open to messages received from spirit beings, but one should think twice before believing a spirit who, without offering credible evidence, accuses individuals of planning or perpetrating horrible massacres and disasters in collaboration with a hypothetical organization, especially if ruthless dictators or known terrorist groups, acting on their own with their own motives and agendas, or the forces of nature appear to have been responsible.
In huge spaceships, invisible to us, members of evolved civilizations are supposed to be observing us, prepared to step in to help us create a better world - one based on love and respect for all life - when we are ready to accept that they have come in peace. In its message of September 24, 2008, paragraph 8, the matthewbooks site said the time had come for the imminent disclosure of their presence by extraterrestrials and that, if safety for people on the planet and souls in the "star nations" could not be assured for their announced appearance October 14, 2008, "the delay in that occurrence would not be lengthy". The website was very specific, yet the disclosure never occurred. Then, on November 19, 2009, paragraph 10, the site said that a global television announcement of the nature and presence of extraterrestrials was planned, and "within a couple of months at the outside", this "Earth-awakening" program would be on the air.
For decades, imminent disclosure to the public of the presence of ETs has been predicted, and it still has not happened. Why do some spirits constantly speak of "Earth-awakening" disclosures that never happen? Is this so they can plant conspiracy messages more firmly in the minds of their readers? Every time they talk about plans for informing the world about the presence of ETs, the wonderful technologies they want to share with us and the new age they will usher in, they can remind us that the ETs will help us expose Illuminati conspiracies.
The matthewbooks site postulates the most negative and fearful conspiracies imaginable, causing its readers to mistrust people with money, influence and power, but also tells them not to be fearful, that ETs know about the Illuminati and are doing what they can to offset their evil plans. In the September 24, 2008 message, paragraph 8, the site said that the truth about who planned and executed 9/11 "could not be hidden much longer". It then went on to claim that 9/11 had an "even deeper purpose than controlling oil resources in the Mideast, which is to dominate the entire planet and kill or enslave its peoples...". It claims this is the goal of the Illuminati. However, it also says that the extraterrestrials are monitoring the activities of the Illuminati and that they are able to prevent the detonation of nuclear weapons. On the one hand, the site creates distrust of our leaders and institutions; on the other, it tells people not to fear because advanced civilizations know of our problems and are here to help us.
In the March 10, 2009 message, paragraph 19, the site says that information that will come out incrementally includes proof of situations that have been ridiculed as conspiracy theories, and mentions insidious mind control methods, contaminated vaccines, vast underground bases, international collusion, and other sinister aspects of subversive Illuminati plots supposedly instigated by wealthy, influential people, many of whom are well-known and in the public spotlight. Only persons who are alienated from people with money and influence would believe the allegations. Fortunately, most of the wealthy and influential persons named by as Illuminati do not appear to be evil. They are successful executives, investors, politicians, and public servants. It would be a huge mistake to judge them as monsters because of unproven assertions by an invisible spirit.
It may be true that beings from civilizations far more developed than our own are here to help us, and spiritual masters have said that we are leaving a cycle of darkness and fear, and entering a cycle of peace and love. If these are more than wishful dreams, and a glorious future for humanity is beginning to unfold, many inhabitants of the spirit world would know about it. Spirits who want to deceive us may have decided to combine revelations of these happenings with stories of Illuminati conspiracies in order to make the latter more believable. In any event, they claim that, when ETs make their presence known, they will put an end to centuries of Illuminati domination, exposing their conspiracies and helping us remove them from positions of power as we and our planet enter a new age of peace, love, freedom and justice. By spinning tales of villains, heroes to rescue us, and a glorious utopia to come (certain aspects of which may turn out to be true), these spirits have been able to capture the attention and gain the confidence of many people, while increasing fear and distrust of government, blaming Bush and conspirators for the 9/11 attacks, and claiming that al Qaida and other terrorist organizations either do not exist or are not a threat.
Through skillfully composed, channeled messages that accuse billionaires, world leaders, and chief executives of powerful institutions of causing wars, pandemics, poverty, and great suffering - all planned by a hypothetical cabal for the purpose of enriching its members and killing or enslaving humanity - evil spirits have created imaginary enemies to take the place of real ones. Of course, some wealthy people in business and government are dishonest and need to be removed from power, but these spirits are accusing wealthy and influential people of something far worse: planning and executing horrendous crimes against humanity. Although there is no logical reason to believe such lies, they do resonate with some people and weaken support for an effective response to militant organizations that want to destroy nations whose beliefs and way of life they regard as a threat to their own.
There is a pattern in these messages, which should be a red flag for people who believe them. The spirits never have any verifiable evidence to back up their claims. Instead, they keep on saying that it will not be long before the Illuminati are exposed. But this never happens; it is always in the future.

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