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Are Conspiracy Theories Real?

We have all heard the stories and legends involving various government cover ups and conspiracy theories, but are they true? Conspiracy theories range from magic bullets and secret societies, to U.F.O's and aliens.

Many people have dedicated their lives to uncovering what they believe is the truth and exposing the conspirators. There are websites, talk radio shows, online communities and more that are fully dedicated to the gathering of information and sharing it with those who care to learn.
The problem with conspiracy theories today is that there is too much information. We live in the age of information and anything we want to read about, see or hear is merely a keystroke away. Unfortunately, much of the information found is inaccurate or completely untrue. While some stories may be the full truth, it has become harder and harder for normal citizens to decipher the truth.
Unfortunately, when a new piece of evidence emerges, there is always someone to take it apart or add their own twist on the subject which in turn devalues the original evidence altogether. This has many normal people thinking that conspiracy theorists are all crazy or delusion people. This is far from the truth.
Many conspiracy theorists are some of the most intelligent people that you will ever meet. Connecting the dots comes naturally to them, and they are able to see past the trees into the forest. However, even with the natural intelligence that comes with the personality of many conspiracy theorists, bad information can bring the best of them down.
Most of us float happily through life, completely oblivious to the world around us. The news is only images and sounds that we hear on the way out of the door, or just before we go to bed. The stories are believed immediately because we have been conditioned to believe. Conspiracy theorists are merely stepping outside of that manufactured world and looking at things from a new perspective.
It may surprise you to know just how often conspiracy theorists have been right. There is much more to the world around us. There are many unanswered questions and things to be learned. It's those crazy conspiracy theorists who bother to learn and attempt to answer those questions.
Diving into the fascinating world of conspiracy theories may not be for you, but next time you are talking to a theorist..Listen. They just may be more sane than you once thought.

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